Wix high-risk credit card processing

We provide affordable Wix credit card processing for websites that sell adult toys, bongs, headshop products, nutritional supplements, and other high-risk products.

Unlike so many other high-risk e-commerce payment solutions, we offer clear terms, upfront pricing, and no surprises. In addition to transparent pricing and support for a wide variety of industries, we focus on making sure you are not only approved but also up and running as simply as possible.

Once you learn about Tower Payments, you will realize we are different. After we help get your Wix credit card processing approved, we will take the time to help you integrate your new high-risk merchant account and payment gateway with your site.

Can you use Wix for a high-risk website?

Yes, you can integrate high-risk payments with Wix. At Tower Payments, we understand the difficulties that high-risk businesses face, especially when it comes to credit card processing or other merchant account-related issues.

One problem many high-risk websites face is finding suitable site builders and e-commerce platforms. Wix is one of the favorites of our clients. Over the last decade our knowledge, insight, partnerships, and experience have advanced along with high-risk merchant solutions. This means that we’re now more equipped than ever to assist with even more problems, including setting up credit card processing for a great variety of websites. Wix is an excellent platform for building, customizing, and growing your website with ease. It is also a particular favorite among high-risk business types.

Wix is a full-featured template-based website-building platform that allows businesses to create their own website, without developer costs. It allows you to add the necessary plugins required to make your business work online. As it provides branding features, you will get a beautiful, professional-looking, website. The site builder and built-in shopping cart work perfectly for high-risk businesses ranging from hotel bookings and flights to selling goods.

The plugins and other features that come with Wix will enable you to start, run, manage, and track your business professionally and effectively.

Save money processing payments for high-risk products on Wix

What you might not know about Tower Payments is that most of our clients actually find that they save money on high-risk credit card processing. 

Want to know more about Tower Payments, how we work, and what we do? Check out our about us page. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to help you process credit card payments for your high-risk products. 

Tower Payments can integrate high-risk processing with Wix

Are you wondering whether Tower Payments can help your business sell high-risk products on Wix? More likely than not, the answer is yes. In other words, if your legal business has had trouble with PayPal, Stripe, and other standard payment aggregator solutions, we’ll be able to help you process payments online.

Below is a simple overview of the high-risk business types that Tower Payments specializes in:

If you have any questions on how and whether Tower Payments can help your business, you can always contact us here. Even if you don’t see your product type or industry, don’t worry. We’re still more than likely able to help! 

Get help with credit card payments on your Wix site

Has another processor already shut down your high-risk merchant account? Are you having issues finding fair, affordable payment processing solutions for your e-commerce site? Let us help.

Tower Payments specializes in high-risk credit card processing for a wide range of industries from supplements to timeshares to travel. We have the experience, and the patience to make sure we understand your business and set you up to succeed.

Contact us for more information on credit card processing for high-risk Wix sites.