Nyah Penney Tower Payments

In 2015, Nyah Penney founded Tower Payments with one goal in mind: provide an alternative to the expensive, poor service high-risk credit card processors she saw so many website owners fall victim to over the years.

Because Tower Payments does not tie itself to any single high-risk solution, we can act as your business’s advocate. Negotiating rates, stepping in on your behalf when you need service, helping you maintain your accounts, setting up your payment gateway, and keeping your high-risk merchant accounts in good standing are core services we provide to all our clients.

It may sound cliche’, but your success really is our success. Led by Nyah, a high-risk merchant account insider with years of high-level experience, Tower Payments provides reliable, affordable credit card processing and payment gateway services to website owners and developers in the US and Canada.

We specialize in high-risk e-commerce merchant accounts like dating websites, timeshare merchants, nutritional supplement businesses and adult toy sites. You can read more about the industries we specialize in here. Whether you are a small start-up or an established, multi-million dollar corporation, we will offer you fair, clear terms – regardless of your industry or experience.

Let us help your high-risk website accept credit cards today