Shopify compatible high-risk credit card processing
We help high-risk website owners with stable, fairly priced, and easily integrated credit card processing that not only integrates with their Shopify store but also works with their high-risk product or service. Many of our clients use the Shopify e-commerce platform and site builder, as it is excellent for a variety of high-risk businesses. Unfortunately, many companies do not have access to standard Shopify Payments merchant accounts, making accepting credit cards more complicated. However, we provide credit card processing insight and solutions for your e-commerce website.

Why Shopify?

As e-commerce soars in popularity, so do platforms that host these stores and Shopify is one of the most popular among them. Shopify is an all-in-one online e-commerce platform that allows you to build your online shopping website with ease. This includes customizing your site with:

  • branding features
  • adding or removing products
  • managing inventory
  • tracking sales and business growth
  • integrated 3rd party shipping apps.

With over 100 international payment gateways supported on the platform, it has the added benefit of being flexible for most industry types. For USA based merchants in industries like supplements, adult toys or vape though, the seemingly massive list of payment gateway options is more limited. To sell most high-risk items on Shopify, you need a payment provider who can connect product appropriate credit card processing through the Authorize.Net payment gateway.

Shopify high-risk processing and Authorize.Net – do’s and don’ts

Authorize.Net is merely software, not credit card processing. To accept credit cards Authorize.Net needs to connect to a merchant account, which is usually assigned automatically to one of Authorize.Net’s low-risk merchant account partners. What many website owners do not realize is that you can choose which merchant account you integrate with Authorize.Net. You, as the site owner, should also obtain your payment gateway directly from your high-risk credit card processor. This makes the process smoother and with fewer surprises. We provide our clients fully integrated, high-risk Authorize.Net credit card processing that works for their product. We disclose all the fees in one clear proposal and assist website owners one on one until their store is up, and running.

You can also link your site to your social channels to market and sell your items across social platforms using the same processing and gateway. However, be wary that not all high-risk businesses can freely market their products on social platforms.

Start processing credit cards on your Shopify store

If you run your e-commerce store with Shopify and you’ve been denied standard merchant services in the past, Tower Payments can help. Our job is to help you find a solution to your credit card processing issues, to ensure that your business succeeds. From comprehensive platforms like Shopify to a variety of other shopping carts and site builders, we specialize in finding the right solution for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you set up credit card payments and high-risk merchant accounts for your Shopify website.