BigCommerce high-risk credit card processing
At Tower Payments, we make it our business to offer fair, honest credit card processing to high-risk websites using BigCommerce. To run a high-risk website, you need an e-commerce platform and BigCommerce is the option of choice for many of our clients. We provide not only high-risk credit processing, but also offer one on one support to ensure that your merchant account is seamlessly integrated, tested, and working with your online store.

Why is BigCommerce excellent for high-risk merchants?

BigCommerce is a full-featured, drag-and-drop, e-commerce platform that enables high-risk businesses to create an online store with a secure shopping cart, as well as integrate approved payment gateways and merchant accounts. BigCommerce offers free trials that allow businesses to understand the various features and tools available for any high-risk merchant. Their presence as a reliable and experienced e-commerce software developer with relatively cheaper costs makes them a viable e-commerce facilitator that is capable of handling the merchant account and payment gateway requirements of a high-risk merchant.

BigCommerce offers a robust, flexible platform for high-risk businesses

BigCommerce is an excellent choice for high-risk business types. We often recommend them because they allow us to provide the best possible merchant account for our clients. This is mainly due to the fact that they don’t add unnecessary product restrictions or high-risk merchant account integration limitations. This flexibility is without a doubt one of BigCommerce’s strong suits. As a high-risk site owner, this is the kind of flexibility you need.

BigCommerce allows us to integrate an affordable high-risk merchant account with whichever payment gateway suits you best. With practically all the options available to us we can pick and choose, and customize your service for you, while reducing your fees. If that sounds attractive, we recommend that you see how we can help you save money on credit card processing.

Additionally, BigCommerce is exceptionally well made from an admin perspective. They offer a simple drag-and-drop page builder, allowing those of us who aren’t exactly excellent at coding to create a beautiful looking site. As a result, not only can using BigCommerce actually save you money, but it will make it easier for you to operate your day-to-day online business.

You don’t have to choose between reliability and flexibility

With BigCommerce you’ll find that you can have it all (so to speak). They’re a formidable name in e-commerce for a reason. You’ll get a predictable, stable platform that’s intuitive and easy to use, while simultaneously having the freedom and flexibility you need to make your site your own.

We’ve mentioned their drag-and-drop page builder a couple of times, but it’s worth bringing up again. While other e-commerce platforms allow you to install add-ons or plugins for drag-and-drop page builders, it’s part of the package with BigCommerce. We can tell you that is a godsend. It allows you to be fully expressive in your site design while making sure that it’s also perfectly functional and not damaging to your SEO – an important element when it comes to reaching your target audience online.

We’re very happy with BigCommerce, as it’s flexible enough to avoid frustrating our clients by imposing unnecessary limitations. When it comes to finding the right balance between flexibility and reliability, BigCommerce is definitely high on the list. If you want to start processing credit card payments with us on BigCommerce for your high-risk business, you won’t be disappointed.

By using the BigCommerce platform, you’ll even find multiple marketing avenues you can explore. Additionally, you’ll find conversion optimization tools and support, plenty of templates to start out from, as well as one-on-one launch assistance from their support team. In other words, it’s a good time to launch your business!

Set up high-risk credit card payments on BigCommerce

Are you planning on selling your high-risk products through BigCommerce? Or are you already a high-risk BigCommerce site owner? Let us help you with your credit card processing! Our combination of experience with high-risk processing and BigCommerce makes us uniquely suited to help your business. We can save you time, money, and frustration.

Even if other processors have shut you down, we are here to assist you with high-risk credit card processing for your online store. If you are entirely new to understanding what your high-risk e-commerce store should look like or what steps you need to follow to accept credit card payments, we’re happy to help you quickly set up with high-risk merchant accounts for BigCommerce.

Contact us today by filling out the short form below, and you’ll be on your way to creating your online store and accepting payments in no time!