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If you are an established website owner trying to save money on processing fees, or a start-up hoping to get a better quote- contact us today to see how we can help your high-risk business save money on credit card processing fees.

We would love to offer you a free rate review to see how much you will save money by working with Tower Payments. Just contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. There is no obligation, no pushy sales people and no cost to you for a quick, painless quote.

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We have helped hundreds of merchants in the following industries save on the merchant account fees:

Don’t see your industry? That’s OK; we offer free rate quotes for high-risk website owners in all industries. Contact us today for a quick, no pressure review. It is easy and painless. Often we can save site owners like you huge amounts of money, assist with compatibility issues, offer high-risk credit card processing that has a lower decline rate or even help you manage multiple high-risk offers through a single payment gateway. If you are an established website owner looking to pay less on your high-risk credit card processing contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

What high-risk credit card processing can cost you

Are you among the many who pay too much for credit card processing? All without getting the support you need to compensate for the extra fees? If so, get in touch with us. We can give you great free rate quotes so you can see what you can save compared to your current processing costs!

Often, high-risk merchants don’t receive the support they need from their high-risk processor, while still being charged more than they should be. However, they still stick with it through thick and thin. It’s not horrible and it works, so why change, right? Wrong.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a credit card processor that cares about your business? Would you like a processing partner that offers you continuous support when you need it while keeping prices reasonable? We’ve had so many business owners reach out to us and find out they are spending thousands more than they need to on fees and charges and we’d love to help you too.

Let’s run a quick hypothetical math example on how high-risk fees can add up

Let’s say a mid-sized high-risk site owner is paying 2% more than they need to in processing fees. On top of this, they also pay 20 cents more than necessary per transaction. Seemingly, not massive differences, right? Actually, the difference is potentially thousands of dollars a month, or tens of thousands a year!

For the purpose of this example, let’s assume the high-risk site owner runs a nutritional supplement site. They have pretty good traffic and have plenty of customers. If they process $50,000.00 a month and pay 2% more on processing than they need to, that results in paying $1,000.00 a month unnecessarily! Since they’re a nutritional supplement site, they operate with a relatively low barrier of entry, probably around $20. This means that $50,000, divided by $20, results in 2000 transactions.

What happens if they also pay $0.20 more than they have to on each transaction as well? Then they actually pay $400.00 more in transaction fees on top of the $1,000.00 processing fee. In other words, they pay $1,400.00 more than necessary, each and every month. If that’s the case every month, we see that these unfortunate, hypothetical, high-risk supplement site owners pay a staggering $16,800.00 a year completely unnecessarily. All this because they’re sticking with a credit card processor that charges them more than they need to and provides them less than perfect service.

Let us help your high-risk site thrive

Just imagine what our example site owner could achieve with almost 17 grand more a year. They could invest heavily in both advertising and SEO, or outsource necessary coding to web developers to improve the overall look and functionality of their site, or even provide freebies to loyal or new players. There’s a lot that can be done with $17,000.00. The moral of the story? Don’t let a processor who treats you badly overcharge you as well.

Your processor shouldn’t charge you more than they should, and they should actually support you and offer you excellent service. With our dedicated support team and our fair and honest pricing, we know that we can offer you a great service. Please feel free to contact us any time for an obligation-free quote, or to set you up with our high-risk credit card processor. We look forward to helping you earn money, smart.

Secondary merchant accounts: A small, cautious way to save money on fees

Have you been thinking that you probably should find a new way of saving on high-risk credit card processing, but are afraid of upsetting the apple cart? Then we might very well have the solution for you.

Changing how you process credit cards can be a daunting undertaking. After all, it’s the lifeline of your business. However, have you considered creating and adding a second high-risk merchant account to work in tandem with your other account? This is a relatively straightforward process. You try us out on a certain percentage of your business. We can help you set everything up so that we run certain products and transaction through one merchant account while running other products/transaction types through the other one. Of course, you’ll probably want to double check that it’s fine in your agreement with your current the processor.

We’ll be more than happy to offer any assistance we can and talk through your options as well, contact us anytime.

With an additional merchant account, you can dip your toes in the water and experience our rates and service firsthand. All without having to fully commit one way or the other. At the same time, we can prove to you that we’ll save you money in a safe and reliable manner. We’re more than happy to talk you through your options, and find a way for you to save money on credit card processing for your high-risk business!

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