Credit card processing for timeshare sites

We provide high-risk credit card processing with honest, upfront terms and fair rates to websites that offer timeshare services. Most, if not all timeshare related services are considered high-risk by payment processors. Negotiating, timeshare release or escape programs, and even advertising are all challenging services to get reasonably priced, reliable credit card processing for.

Being classified as a high-risk merchant does not have to prohibit you from accepting credit cards for your timeshare service website. However, for you to receive payments, you need to be backed by a high-risk merchant account, which is precisely what we do at Tower Payments. 

We have years of experience specializing in high-risk merchant types. If you need a quick and efficient merchant account with an honest disclosure of fees, contact us today

If you would like more insight into some challenges you may have already experienced, please read on.     

Timeshares reshaped tourism and vacations

timeshare tower payment in-content imageOver the years timeshares have transformed tourism and travel. This unconventional way to go on vacation allows multiple buyers to obtain a share of ownership of, or merely the right to use (without any actual ownership) a given piece of vacation property (or unit, villa, etc.) to occupy at least once every year. There’s often a range of flexible arrangements from which to choose. The timeshare space has had to endure its share of skeptical travelers and potential buyers. However, the perception of the industry has taken a turn for the better in recent years; appealing to affluent buyers, luxury and lifestyle travelers. Timeshare is a flexible and attractive arrangement for travelers.

That said, if you have your own timeshare website, you are likely to face some challenges. One challenge, in particular, is an integral part of your operation – credit card processing. Due to various reasons, timeshare businesses (along with other niche industries) are categorized as high-risk. As a business owner, this compels you to obtain a high-risk merchant account. This does not have to be a daunting task because, at Tower Payments, we specialize in pairing high-risk business types with the right high-risk merchant account.        

Timeshares are a high-risk business type

Historically, the timeshare industry developed a negative reputation because of a combination of sales pitches and tough contracts.  Unfortunately, this combination can result in baffled timeshare owners. Another reason for the bad rep is that buyers don’t fully understand what timeshares are and what comes with them. After all, a timeshare requires a buyer to enter into a contractual agreement with yearly maintenance fees. These maintenance fees are often on top of the purchase price and may rise yearly. Some buyers might understand that the maintenance fee comes whether they utilize the property or not. Unfortunately, the timeshare industry historically has a high likelihood of chargebacks, which we’ll return to below, due to these reasons. To facilitate chargebacks, and other potential issues, you will need a high-risk merchant account from a vendor who is familiar with the industry.

All these factors attribute to why timeshares are considered a high-risk merchant by banks and other institutions, sometimes placing timeshare businesses on a list of prohibited industries. We believe that this should not put a damper on your business. Instead, this calls for a high-risk merchant account that’s already familiar with the risks coming with your timeshare business.    

Timeshare release credit card processing

Unhappy owners and bad reputations have spawned the companion industry of release and negotiating. Timeshare negotiating companies charge unhappy owners a fee to get help get them out of their contractual obligations. We offer stable credit card processing to timeshare release and negotiating websites at fair rates. 

Challenges that timeshare businesses need to overcome  

Timeshare related sites of all types have a statistically high rate of chargebacks. In fact, there are many timeshare exit companies and litigators who guarantee timeshare owners their money back from their unit/property, should they reverse their decision. That type of solid guarantee is a recipe for conflict when things do not go as hoped. 

Over the years, consumer protection laws have tightened. State law dictates that a provision for a ‘rescission’ is mandatory. This means a buyer can generally withdraw from the purchase contract within 3-10 days. It depends on the state, with a potential full refund paid to the seller. It is also the industry norm to provide free trials of the vacation experience. At which point some consumers may decide not to purchase. Beyond 3-10 days is where people have serious disputes.

We are familiar with these occurrences. If by some chance you obtain a standard merchant account, it won’t be able to deal with the unique high-risk situations you may experience on a daily basis. For example, if a chargeback occurs, it may cause a risk review and potentially a shutdown of your merchant account. 

At Tower Payments, we have the expertise you need. We will help you integrate the right high-risk merchant into your site builder or shopping cart.

We have the high-risk knowledge you need

With our services and expertise, you will be able to manage your customers, your website and your business with more confidence. At Tower Payments, we will guide you through the process with secure and reliable solutions along the way.  You can contact us any time to answer any questions you may have regarding high-risk credit card processing for your timeshare. We’re always here to help!