High-risk credit card processing products and services

Tower Payments focuses on high-risk credit card processing for specific products and services. With an emphasis on fair pricing and easy, wide-ranging shopping cart integration, we work hard to take the frustration and unnecessary costs out of accepting credit cards online. Our specialization gives us in-depth insights into the demands and challenges you face as a high-risk website owner and a better ability to help you with affordable, easily integrated high-risk credit card processing.

Our core high-risk credit card processing industries Tower Payments Header Image

Additional supported high-risk business types

Cigars and loose tobacco
Collection agencies
Fetish sites
Online education
Puerto Rico/US Virgin Island businesses
Short-term lenders, payday loans, pawn shops
Software as a service vendors (US or Canada)
Tactical websites, outdoors sites, weapon, collectibles
VOIP telecommunications, phone service, Internet services


The list above reflects industries in which we have the most specialized knowledge, connections and resources, and a time-tested, streamlined process. That said, if you don’t see your business type listed, feel free to contact us – we are always happy to point you in the right direction.

Save money on existing high-risk credit card processing

We also specialize in performing “rate reviews” for established, stable, high-risk businesses looking to save money on their credit card processing, regardless of their product or service.

Get help with new high-risk credit card processing

If you have questions about credit card processing for high-risk industries, we can help. With our expertise and experience, we will be able to help your business get started with high-risk credit card processing and an online payment gateway. We promise clear terms and a fair deal. Contact us today using the short form below.