Credit card processing for travel websites

We provide travel websites of all types with easily integrated online credit card processing. We offer fair rates, one on one setup support and clear, upfront terms. The ability to accept and process a credit card payment is the bread and butter of any industry.  However, for various businesses in the travel industry, this can be a challenge. Finding the right high-risk merchant account can be tricky. Our years of expertise in the travel field can help you with the correct high-risk merchant account for your travel business. We do not play games with hidden fees or inflated rates. Just like you, our reputation is our livelihood, and we are here to help. 

Why finding decent credit card processing is hard for travel sites

Credit card processing is challenging for many businesses in the hospitality and travel industry. Perhaps surprisingly to some, many business types within the travel industry are categorized as high-risk industries. 

Due to the extended period between when a vacation is booked and when the trip occurs, travel websites have an increased risk of something going wrong and causing a chargeback before services are delivered. In the industry, this is called “future services.” Offering future services – like tours, hotel rooms or cruises makes finding means of accepting payments online challenging, and acquiring a merchant account with decent rates is not always straightforward.

Having a high average dollar amount or “high average ticket” is another risk factor. Larger sale amounts might not strike many people as a problem, but rather an opportunity. However, the fact is, it increases the potential fallout should anything go wrong during the purchase or before the delivery of services. 

We know the ins and outs of the high-risk merchant accounts and are only a call or email away. Contact us anytime. We can help your travel website accept credit cards quickly and without unnecessary headaches.

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Chargebacks and the travel industry

Even if you’re just getting started in the industry, you might already be aware that many things can affect travel plans, whether on the part of the business or its clients. Weather, recent events, or even personal affairs can cause plans to change or become canceled at short notice. As a result, schedules often need rearranging, and your customer can dispute payments. Unforeseen events often happen, and chargebacks can occur as a result.

Online sales and travel e-commerce

The last couple of decades have seen significant growth in online travel sales. Additionally, there are few, if any, travel businesses that don’t offer an online platform where they sell their products and services. This has brought great convenience to their many travelers and customers. However, it also has prompted security concerns. Fraud, data breaches, and hacking all pose potential risks for the travel company, the financial institution, and their customers. This places the travel industry on thin ice with many standard merchant accounts. Luckily, high-risk travel merchant accounts are well situated and prepared to take on these issues.

Accept credit cards on your travel site

The challenge of finding a reasonably priced way to accept credit cards online affects a lot of different businesses. If your business falls within any of the following categories, we can help. 

  • Travel agency – Booking trips, hotels, activities, etc.
  • Tourism and tour organizers – Regardless of whether you organize day tours or extended trips with travel and accommodation organization included alongside activities.
  • Transportation services – Independent bus services, river or lake cruises, driving tours, etc.
  • Hotels and conference centers – Inns large hotels, events with pre-paid ticket sales

Whatever category your travel-based business falls under, we can help you process credit cards from your clients online in a secure, affordable, and seamless manner. 

What Tower Payments can do for you

We will provide you with a safe, affordable and reliable system to accept credit card payments on your travel site. Whatever your particular niche within the travel industry, we can ensure that the payments from your clients will be secure. We specialize in providing payment systems for high-risk industries. We can help you process credit card payments for your travel industry business. If you have any questions feel free to reach out – we’re happy to help. Of course, to start processing credit card payments for your travel related business contact us today.