Checkout Champ compatible high-risk credit card processing
At Tower Payments, we understand the frustrations that high-risk businesses face when it comes to finding credit card processing that works for their product and their systems. Checkout Champ users can have some piece of mind though, as not only is it an excellent CRM, but it is easy to integrate. With our expert insights, you will be able to start processing credit card payments for your high-risk product while using Checkout Champ.

Since 2015, we’ve provided expert insight into setting up high-risk merchant accounts. To supply an all-around service to our customers, we ensure that we are familiar with a range of business support solutions. To ensure that your company functions at an optimum level we familiarize ourselves with a host of platforms, shopping carts, payment, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. We find that many of our clients use Checkout Champ, as it’s an excellent CRM software, especially for those in high-risk industries.

What is Checkout Champ and why is it good for my business?

Checkout Champ, by Konnektive, is a multi-functional CRM software that automatically gathers client data for processing. In doing so, it manages your web sales and order entries, shopping cart and bounce rates, fraud screening, merchant gateway and fulfillment, and customer service. Additionally, it comes with a host of other built-in systems that enable you to generate or build leads and templates to help you with marketing and brand awareness.

Get in touch to accept payments through Checkout Champ

From supplements to alcohol manufacturers, our business is helping those that are considered high-risk to reach their potential. We have a far-reaching ability to provide credit card processing for high-risk businesses. We can provide you with a host of services that can help you and your business reach its full potential.  Contact us today to find a safe and secure credit card processing solution for your Checkout Champ business.