Cannabis equipment credit card processing

If your business sells industrial hemp and cannabis equipment online, Tower Payments makes credit card processing secure and affordable.

Over the years, we’ve seen a definite increase in online merchant account demand from cannabis-oriented production and processing companies. While this demand increase is a positive sign that the cannabis industry is still growing, it often faces some lingering payment challenges.

We solve this problem by offering honest, affordable credit card processing for cannabis equipment e-commerce site owners, regardless of size.

We’re incredibly familiar with pairing both cannabis equipment merchant accounts and payment gateways with shopping carts, e-commerce software, and platforms you can use to sell your wide range of products effectively.

What does high-risk processing mean for cannabis equipment companies?

If you sell hemp growing supplies, cannabis hydroponics, hemp processing equipment, or environmental products like grow lights and climate controls on your website, you’re in a high-risk business category. Effectively, this means you need to take extra precautions when it comes to finding payment gateways and merchant service providers.

Does PayPal or Stripe allow cannabis equipment sites?

No, in general, payment aggregator services like Stripe, Shopify Payments, Square, or PayPal are very unlikely to be a processing solution for your cannabis processing business.

Of course, we encourage you to do your research before deciding against any payment service. However, our experience shows that payment facilitators like PayPal and Stripe aren’t ideal fits due to fair use policies and prohibited business lists.

Even if you set up an account with PayPal or Stripe, there is a real likelihood that you may experience frozen deposits or a shutdown account. This can result in your ability to process credit cards for your cannabis equipment disappearing before your eyes. This is a far from ideal situation for any business, never mind one that’s in an industry where it is challenging to find payment processing in the first place.

You should expect fair, affordable credit card processing for your cannabis equipment business

Don’t put the ability to process credit cards online for your cannabis equipment at risk. It’s crucial to use cannabis equipment friendly merchant accounts and payment gateways.
Our clients have been thrilled with the high-risk credit card processing solutions we provide. Many find that they pay much less for processing when using our merchant services. To find out more or to learn what we can do for your business, contact us here.

Cannabis equipment credit card processing

Start your cannabis equipment website off right by choosing the best site builder for the job

When an e-commerce site owner is starting their business, it’s easy to run into hurdles that seem impossible to overcome. One hurdle is that it often seems impossible to use big brand site-builders, like Shopify, Wix, or WooCommerce, when selling high-risk products like cannabis equipment.

However, with the right credit card processing setup, you’ll be able to sell a whole range of products, including:

  • Nutrient solutions
  • Grow tents
  • Additives
  • Conveyors
  • Solvent recovery systems
  • Chilling equipment
  • Wiped film evaporators
  • Industrial trimmers

Due to our extensive experience providing credit card processing for a wide range of high-risk businesses, we’re also very familiar with integrating our services with a range of big-name e-commerce software. For instance, we often provide processing to high-risk Shopify businesses, not to mention the many WooCommerce high-risk site owners that use our payment services.

For new entrepreneurs in the cannabis equipment industry, it can be easy to let the credit card processing side of the business slide a little. Even experienced business owners may end up settling for high rates and poor service once their website is up and running.

Credit card processing for cannabis equipment

You don’t have to settle for just any processor that allows you to accept credit and debit cards. You can, and should, expect a high level of service and stability.
At Tower Payments, we pride ourselves on our red-carpet service. Our clients can get ahold of a real person when they need us – not when it suits us. Also, we provide clear, up-front terms with our affordable, easily integrated, online cannabis equipment credit card processing.

Affordable credit card processing for your cannabis equipment site

We specialize in efficiently and effectively helping high-risk businesses like yours process credit card payments online. We provide an affordable, straightforward credit card acceptance solution for cannabis and hemp equipment websites. Looking for Stripe, Square, and PayPal alternatives? Then we can set you up quickly.

Tower Payments will help you meet the growing demand for testers and meters, HP buckers, GC buckers, MMJ supplies, and all the other cannabis products your web-store sells. With the right high-risk merchant account and cannabis equipment friendly payment gateway, we’ll make sure you can easily handle high-volume sales today.

Get in touch with us, today. We look forward to helping your equipment and supply business with upfront rates, one on one service, and a smile!