Credit card processing for high-risk merchants

Tower Payments provides reasonably priced, stable, credit card processing for website owners that have either been declined by other solutions or were shut down because of the products and services they offer.

We will give you all of the rates and terms upfront and help you integrate a new payment gateway and merchant account into any major shopping cart or site builder at no additional cost.

Whether you’re a well-established dating site using WooCommerce, starting a new adult toy site on Shopify, opening an online headshop on BigCommerce, or coding a new high-risk site yourself, you need a merchant account and payment gateway that works for you and with your software.

We’re here for you, every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our one on one, high-risk credit card processing services.

Choose the right credit card processor from day one

It isn’t uncommon for new clients to be surprised that we actually do listen to them, and that we are incredibly responsive. Since that was often not the experience they had with their previous processor, they appreciate our level of customer service and flexibility.

Often, because site owners are new to their high-risk industry or to selling online, the majority of their problems simply come from choosing the wrong payments partner. They might have chosen a high-risk merchant account, a payment gateway, or a combination of both that didn’t meet their needs.

Mistakes are easy to make, especially if you are a new high-risk site owner. After all, there’s so much research that goes into finding a suitable payment processing solution. Unfortunately, these mistakes can be costly, as the stories site owners tell us often demonstrate.

If your high-risk account is set up incorrectly, you risk:

Delays at launch

Countless business owners have called us when they’ve had to delay their launch due to underwriting issues with other providers. Sometimes, by the time they find us, they’ve wasted money on advertising because they can’t accept credit cards when they launch. We prioritize calls like this and work hard to fix others’ mistakes.

It is so much easier for site owners when we’re able to help them get set up correctly from day one. “Doing it right the first time” means there is no need for additional costs in re-launching, and we can make sure business owners like you don’t miss out on revenue due to completely unnecessary delays.

Held funds

Having your credit card deposits held often happens due to having the wrong merchant account or setting up a payment service that doesn’t support your industry. Most processors likely don’t support your high-risk business type well or at all. This can often be a particular issue with Stripe or PayPal as, at times, it feels like parts of the actual underwriting process don’t occur for a good while after the account is set up.

Choosing the wrong payment partner will result in held funds, not to mention the potential for canceled accounts.

Account shutdowns

This particular issue is often due to a lack of clarity on industry/business type when getting new credit card processing. While banks and providers are generally thorough, some details may slip through the cracks.

If you’re unaware of what you need from day one, you can, unfortunately, end up having an account fully set up and working only for it to be completely shut down because you’re with the wrong credit processor for your site.

Excessive fees and costs

Looking at the above, you may think that this is one of the lesser evils – but don’t be fooled. Many high-risk business owners decide to stick with their credit card processor as long as “it works.” While there are many ways for something to “work”, just because it’s working doesn’t mean it’s ideal for you.

Accepting and compensating for excessive fees and per-transaction charges is a common pitfall you need to avoid. You can save vast amounts of money on high-risk credit card processing if you choose Tower Payments as your merchant processor from the start.

You deserve a real person to talk to – and not just before you sign up

Above we listed a few of the problems that we want to help you avoid or fix. It’s terrible to hear some of the horror stories we come across on a regular basis. This is why we clearly disclose all our fees upfront and assign a real human to support you for the life of your account.

At Tower Payments, we take great pride in the fact that we help independent website owners with an easy way to process credit cards at a fair and highly competitive rate. We take the time to listen, not only before you sign up, but also on a Friday afternoon, years later, and whenever you have a question.

We will support you when you need it, that’s our promise.

Compatibility with popular site builders and custom applications

One of the most common challenges a high-risk site owner has when looking for credit card processing is finding a provider that works with their cart or software.

If you have already spent dozens of hours customizing your high-risk Wix, WooCommerce, or Shopify site, then getting approved for a high-risk merchant account that does not work with your site builder does you no good. We understand that, and we will review your site, learn about you and your business, and work to find a high-risk credit card processing solution that not only approves your account but also one that actually integrates with your website.

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High-risk merchant accounts for in-house fulfillment and dropshippers

Finding fair, honest, high-risk merchant processing is difficult enough if you maintain your own, in-house fulfillment, and inventory.  At Tower Payments, we feel that even if you dropship your products you should not have to struggle to find credit card processing that is priced right – and easy to integrate.

If your high-risk website is based in the US and you have a fulfillment agreement in place with your supplier, Tower Payments can help your dropshipping website accept credit cards online. We work with most high-risk dropship industries, including online head shops, adult toys, vaporizers, cannabis equipment websites, and nutritional supplements.

We’d love to help

Regardless of your industry, your shopping cart software, or your level of technical expertise, we are always willing to take the time to go over all your options. Before submitting any applications, we will pre-screen you with our large selection of high-risk processors and then present you with all the fees.

When there are choices that need to be made, we will go over the positives- and the negatives of each solution. We’ll explain all the moving pieces to you and make sure everything works together. We’re different than the big high-risk merchant account providers and fly by night brokers, and we think you’ll be happy you found us.

Let us help your high-risk site accept credit cards