Credit card processing for adult doll websites

Are you selling TPE or silicone dolls online? Setting up the right credit card processing for your adult doll site can help you avoid unnecessarily high fees, or worse yet, a closed or frozen merchant account.

We can help your doll site accept credit cards quickly and at an honest rate. We will even help you integrate your payment gateway with the site builder of your choice. We work with dozens of shopping carts and site builders from WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and more. Accepting credit cards on a sex doll site can be a challenge, but we make it easy.

As a realistic doll merchant, you’re in the high-risk industry and need a high-risk merchant account. However, even if you know the industry very well, it’s difficult to find a high-risk credit card processor that gives you honest, upfront terms and fair rates. Finding a payment gateway that easily integrates with your shopping cart and site builder complicates things further, but that is what sets us apart. 

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At Tower Payments, we have decades of experience to draw on when providing you with the best solutions for your online credit card processing. We’ll use our expertise in the field of high-risk merchant accounts, online payment processing, and shopping cart compatibility to get you the best deal, and we will support you, one on one, for as long as you are a customer. That’s our promise.

It’s an exciting time for the love doll industry, with technological advancements making leaps and bounds when it comes to providing fantastic, high-quality products. This is especially true with new TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) technology to add to, the already high-quality, silicone dolls.

The adult sex doll industry is rapidly growing and we’re here to make it easier for your website to accept credit cards online.

In addition to our honest and fair prices, we’re always available to give advice and support. You can contact us today for a one on one conversation about your high-risk merchant account options and we’ll quickly let you know what works best with the shopping cart you have in mind.

We’ve also included some more information below if you’d like to know more about accepting credit cards for sex doll sites, otherwise, if you are ready to go, click here to get started. 

Why credit card processing is difficult for sex doll sites

The primary reason that sex doll sites have a hard time finding decent payment options is that businesses selling sexual products or adult toys are automatically categorized as high-risk businesses. Sex doll websites face scrutiny, like other niches in the adult industry, since sex dolls are part of the broader adult toy realm.

Social issues often play a role in how businesses are classified. More traditional industries, like banking, often deem love dolls to be high-risk due to these social associations. Additionally, sexual products traditionally face challenges such as chargebacks. The end result is that you, as a sex doll site owner, will need a carefully structured, high-risk friendly, merchant account from a processor that has taken the time to understand the ins and outs of the adult doll business.

Let our experience save you time and money. We can help.

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Age restrictions and regulations come with the territory

There are legal restrictions and regulations that come into play with sex doll sales, as with any product that is sexually oriented. Precautions should be in place from the moment you set up your site. For example, putting up an age verification feature before people can access your site. This is an excellent step to ensure that your site reaches your target audience while keeping everything on the straight and narrow.

Additionally, you may need to ensure that when a customer purchases your product it will require an adult signature upon delivery. There are multiple ways for you to integrate this into your shopping cart or e-commerce system. These steps are also a good way for you to mitigate chargebacks from your credit card processing.

Chargebacks – a big challenge for adult doll sites

Credit card processing for adult products is tricky. As with other adult sales businesses, customers might deny that they made the purchase to their credit card company – regardless of the fact that they intentionally bought the product – this is called friendly fraud.

Whatever the customer’s motivation may be, there is a relatively higher chance of chargebacks for adult toys, products, and love dolls. This is why it’s critical to have a high-risk merchant account that’s ready to take on the risks associated with the business, and that appreciates you and your work.

We offer honest, affordable prices on our high-risk merchant accounts and we’re more than ready to give you the extra support you need. Feel free to contact us today for a simple talk about your business and online payment needs.

Shopping carts and gateways for love dolls

As you can see, selling adult-oriented products can be a little tricky. However, these are small challenges that can be overcome with the right help and insight. It’s one of the core reasons why we’re creating these pages in the first place. They are resources that will hopefully give you a helping hand while orienting yourself in this market.

While we’ve just mentioned a few areas to keep a watchful eye out for, we also want to highlight a couple of solutions that work well for adult doll e-commerce.

A large number of site owners prefer full-service e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Wix, or BigCommerce. If you have another platform in mind, you can check this page for a wide range of platforms and shopping carts that work for high-risk e-commerce in general.

At Tower Payments, we have extensive experience integrating our adult doll friendly credit card processing with many different platforms and carts. Our focus is always on providing affordable, honest pricing with your processing – combined with excellent support when you need it, and upfront terms that are clear and easy to understand. If you’re all set in terms of finding a platform and shopping cart, feel free to contact us here.

Popular platforms for adult doll sites


BigCommerce is among the best solutions that work for adult doll sites so we want to take a moment to highlight it. The benefit with BigCommerce is that they’re also very compatible with our high-risk friendly credit card processing. In other words, you can easily process online payments for adult dolls when using BigCommerce as your platform.

BigCommerce offers plenty of the great features you’d expect from an all-in-one e-commerce platform. It boasts a thorough and highly functional drag-and-drop site builder that gives you all the freedom you need to create the online adult doll store you’ve always wanted.

Overall, BigCommerce is a very reliable and predictable platform you can use with confidence to sell your adult dolls. That is, if it’s set it up properly for high-risk processing. The good news is that we can easily provide a suitable high-risk merchant account for your adult doll business that will integrate smoothly with BigCommerce. As a result, we’ll get you processing online credit card payments for adult dolls in no time.

Other platforms and carts that work for your business type

We wanted to make sure you had at least one specific example on this page, but there are many others that can work – when set up right. We won’t discuss these in as much detail here. However, all the examples we list below will work for high-risk business types like adult doll sites.

These carts and platforms do work for adult-oriented product sales. Yet, they are not the only platforms that work. You can check this page for an overview of high-risk friendly platforms and shopping.

If you’d like to set up your processing for your adult dolls BigCommerce, Wix, Shopify, or WordPress site please contact us here. We’re more than happy to provide you with further details and get you processing payments in no time.

The good news with all of the platforms and shopping carts we list on our site is that we’ll be able to easily integrate our credit card processing for you. We’re extremely familiar with the platforms and carts, and we can set up credit card processing for you so you can easily sell your adult dolls with them. Contact us anytime and we’ll start setting up your adult dolls store for credit card processing as soon as possible.

How we can help with high-risk credit card processing for love doll sites

We specialize in helping high-risk business types with their credit card processing needs. We’ve helped a great number of merchants selling adult products online with their high-risk credit card processing.

We offer you and your adult dolls website more than a merchant service provider; we’ll offer you a partnership with someone intimately familiar with high-risk industries and payment processing. We care about your business, and high-risk credit card payments are what we do best.

Whether you’re ready to set up credit card processing today or you only have a couple of initial questions, feel free to use our contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your adult doll website.