Credit card processing for adult dolls on BigCommerce

The adult doll industry has come a long way over the last couple of decades, and there are a good few website builders, shopping carts, and e-commerce platforms that work with online sex doll businesses. While many platforms will work, there are some which are better than others, and BigCommerce is a great platform for love dolls. With the right credit card processing for adult dolls, BigCommerce is fantastic, and we’re here to help!

Even though the demand for sex dolls continues to rise as the quality improves, selling adult dolls online is no cakewalk if you don’t have proper credit card processing working for you and in your favor. After all, love dolls are among the businesses that are in the high-risk category, which is why there are few merchant accounts out there that can properly help process payments for this industry.

At Tower Payments, we specialize in helping high-risk e-commerce business owners process credit cards and integrating it with their online platform. We want to help you make your adult dolls site as profitable as possible. This is why we’ll give you some tips and tricks here on selling love dolls on BigCommerce. If you’re looking for a credit card processing provider that will always be available to help and go the extra mile, feel free to contact us today here or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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BigCommerce is a great platform for adult dolls

BigCommerce is a big fish on the e-commerce platform stage, and for good reason. They have a great drag-and-drop site builder that makes it easy for you to create the online store you want. As a result, it’s easy for your site to get the look and feel you’re going for. Another great aspect of the BigCommerce platform is that it integrates very well for high-risk payment processing.

This means that we can easily provide you with the high-risk merchant account you need to get your credit card processing up and running in no time. This is one of the main reasons why BigCommerce is increasingly popular for high-risk merchants and adult doll site owners. BigCommerce is a great choice for adult doll sites. It also allows us to tailor our merchant services specifically for your online store.

Another draw for BigCommerce is that it offers a brilliant combination of flexibility and robust site infrastructure. BigCommerce has become a household name in the e-commerce platform landscape. They provide a reliable and predictable platform for you to sell your adult doll products. This, in combination with their built-in drag-and-drop site builder, gives you a great starting point to create your ideal high-risk e-commerce site.

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BigCommerce and adult dolls credit card processing

Reliable credit card processing with honest pricing and upfront fees is the cornerstone of all successful e-commerce sites, regardless of product and industry types. Ideally, you’ll want credit card processing that can save you money in both the short and long run. Finding merchant accounts and merchant services that can offer this is difficult enough. Especially for high-risk businesses like online adult doll stores.

Unfortunately, this often leads people to rashly jump to quick-solution services like PayPal or Stripe. These let you set up an account immediately, and allow you to almost instantly accept credit card payments. The big problem with these merchant services is that they don’t perform a full upfront underwriting process. This means they are inherently unequipped to deal with the challenges of any high-risk business type. Let alone one with particular challenges, like those faced by adult doll merchants. This leads to frozen and shut down accounts on a regular basis.

As an adult doll site owner, you’ll want to make sure you can process credit card payments over time with as few hiccups as possible. After all, this is what leads to a flourishing e-commerce business. Sex dolls, TPE, silicone, and real-look dolls are often grouped in with illicit sales and products. Additionally, e-commerce businesses selling these products are, as we’ve mentioned earlier, in the high-risk category. You’ll need a merchant account that can handle occasional chargebacks and high dollar amount sales without shutting you down. We’re glad to say that we’ve got you covered.

Start processing credit cards on your online adult doll store

At Tower Payments, we offer you clear terms, upfront costs, and fair pricing on our high-risk merchant accounts. In fact, you’ll find that with us you’ll often save money on credit card processing. You’ll also get one-on-one support from us whenever you need it. In other words, don’t hesitate to get in touch, even if you just want a quote or to talk about your alternatives. We’re here for you and your adult doll site’s needs. As you might have noticed, we’re intimately familiar (pardon the pun) with both credit card processing for high-risk businesses as well as the various site builders, shopping carts, and plugins often used by high-risk merchants. Let us help you integrate credit card processing with your BigCommerce adult love doll site today.