Credit card processing for Canadian online head shops: accept payments for cannabis accessories with Tower Payments

The demand for cannabis accessories, head shop items, and smoking accessories has been on the rise in Canada, with more and more online head shops and pipe and glassware sites popping up. However, online merchants selling legal cannabis paraphernalia often struggle with finding a payment processing solution that processes credit cards and integrates with all major shopping carts. Tower Payments can help.

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We help high-risk Canadian websites process credit cards

Tower Payments is a credit card processing solution specializing in affordable and reliable payment gateways for high-risk businesses, including online Canadian head shops.

If you’ve been declined by Shopify Payments, Stripe, or PayPal, Tower Payments can probably help you accept credit cards on your legal cannabis accessory website. Additionally, we will provide you with clear, one-on-one integration help and honest, upfront pricing.

The legal landscape when selling cannabis accessories online in Canada

Before getting started with selling cannabis accessories, head shop items, and smoking accessories online in Canada, it’s crucial to sit down with a qualified attorney who is familiar with all Canadian federal, provincial, and local laws. It’s essential to remember that laws vary from province to province, and strict regulations exist around the sale of cannabis accessories.

Failure to comply with these regulations could result in legal consequences for you and your business.

Product types for online head shops in Canada

Online head shops in Canada typically sell a variety of products, including glass pipes, bongs, grinders, vaporizers, and dab rigs. These accessories come in different shapes, sizes, and materials to cater to the preferences of individual smokers.

Glass pipes are a popular item and come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Bongs, or water pipes, are also popular and come in different materials like glass, plastic, and silicone. Grinders are used to grind up herbs, and they come in different sizes and styles. Vaporizers are also popular for those who prefer a smokeless experience, and they come in many sizes and styles. Dab rigs are used for concentrates and are extremely popular with many users.

Whether your customers prefer the traditional smoking experience or a trendy one, there is an accessory out there that will enhance their smoking experience and fit well with your smoke shop’s inventory.

Tower Payments can help you affordably process credit card payments online for all legal smoke shop products. Click Start at the bottom of this page to learn more or apply.

Payment processing for Canadian headshop websites infographic.

Choose the right shopping cart for your head shop website

When choosing a website builder and shopping cart for your head shop website, choosing one that works well for high-risk businesses is important.

Shopify is an excellent all-in-one platform that works well for high-risk online sales. However, it’s important to carefully read all terms and conditions before using their in-house solution – Shopify Payments. As a core service, we offer easily integrated Shopify Payments alternatives for Canadian Shopify websites.

Woocommerce is an excellent open-source solution that is a good fit for high-risk e-commerce because it is not tied to the same terms and conditions that Shopify needs to operate within. Regardless, Shopify businesses still need to ensure that their products do not violate their payment processors’ terms and conditions. We offer Shopify-friendly payment gateways for Canadian website owners looking to sell legal cannabis accessories online.

Tower Payments works with a variety of shopping carts, site builders, and plug-ins, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, Magento, and dozens of others.

Note: It’s important to read all your provider’s terms and conditions carefully and seek the advice of a qualified lawyer before selling paraphernalia online.

Why choose Tower Payments for your Canadian head shop’s online credit card processing?

Tower Payments provides fair, low rates and one-on-one personal support from a real person. We assign you a personal point of contact and will be there for you for as long as you sell online. We want to help you save money on credit card processing for your pipe and glassware site. Our experience in assisting Canadian head shop site owners with their high-risk credit card processing allows us to reduce costs while handling both start-ups and high-growth, high-volume online sales.

Let Tower Payments help your Canadian head shop website accept credit cards

Don’t let payment processing keep you from running a successful online head shop in Canada.

Tower Payments can help you accept credit cards on your paraphernalia site and provide you with clear information and fair, upfront pricing.

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