Credit card processing for weight loss supplements on WooCommerce.

Are you trying to sell weight loss supplements using WooCommerce, but finding that processing credit card payments online for your site is a more significant challenge than expected? Then we have some good news for you. Accepting credit cards on WooCommerce for high-risk products, like weight loss supplements, is not only possible – It can be simple, and we can help.

At Tower Payments, we specialize in offering credit card processing solutions that give you fair, honest pricing with clear terms and always available one-on-one support when you need it from a real person. We focus on making sure that your credit card processing isn’t hindering your business, but instead, it’s helping you grow in a stable, predictable way. Supplements are becoming more and more popular these days. In other words, now is the time to start processing credit card payments for supplements online.

Our credit card processing integrates smoothly with a wide range of e-commerce software. Do you use WooCommerce for your weight loss supplement site? If that’s the case, then our credit card processing will work correctly with WooCommerce and your supplement sales.

If you’re ready to get affordable, stable credit card processing for your weight loss supplement WooCommerce site,  contact us using the form below at the bottom of this page. We are happy to take the time to understand your business, one on one. We will work hard to ensure your processing and payment gateway is set up so that you can grow your business, instead of having to worry about shut down accounts or held funds.

Why taking credit card payments is a challenge for supplement site owners

In order for you to start processing credit and debit card payments for your weight loss supplements, you’ll need to have certain things in place.

First, you’ll want to make sure you have a “high-risk” merchant account. This is a merchant account that specializes in handling the naturally occurring elements of high-risk sales, including chargebacks ratios, volume spikes, and regulatory concerns. Our focus is to make 100% sure that your processing fits your business, and that the fees are reasonable.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re using high-risk friendly e-commerce software. Similar to having a non-high-risk merchant account, you will experience some serious adverse effects if you break the T&Cs of your e-commerce software. This includes the inability to sell your products or accept payments, and even frozen accounts. For your weight loss supplements, we recommend WooCommerce because it is flexible and its terms allow a broad array of products.

Connecting a high-risk payment gateway to WordPress

The WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is an excellent option that will work for your supplement sales. However, your credit card processing must be set up correctly for high-risk transactions. You’ll get plenty of freedom to customize your weight loss site to make sure your it looks and feels how you want it to. Please feel free to check our WooCommerce and high-risk sales page for more info, or get in touch with us to start accepting credit cards online.

You’ll need to have high-risk specialized credit card processing set up across the board. This will enable you to take credit card payments stably and securely. With our many years of experience in the high-risk credit card processing industry, we can set up your processing for you. We’ll make sure it integrates properly with your merchant account, platform, and e-commerce software, so you don’t have to worry.

How to accept credit and debit cards for high-risk weight loss supplements

If you’re relatively new to selling supplements and weight loss products online, you might have been surprised at how challenging it can be to get the merchant services you need at a reasonable price. The reason for much of this is that weight loss supplements sales are classified as high-risk by merchant service providers. That goes for pretty much all nutraceutical and supplement sales.

High-risk might sound more severe than it necessarily means. Some product types are high-risk because of governmental regulations and restrictions. This is the case for head shops, and adult video membership sites, for example. Others are considered high-risk as they experience higher chargeback ratios than more orthodox, standard shops. This includes travel sales, online vape stores, and supplements e-commerce sites.

You’ll need a couple of things in place to sell these products and accept credit cards. First, you’ll want a high-risk merchant account. Then it’s important that you also have specialized high-risk credit card processing. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that the e-commerce software you use accepts high-risk product sales. You can find a good overview of high-risk friendly e-commerce software here. With our credit card processing solutions you’ll be able to accept credit card payments online for your weight loss supplements sooner rather than later. At Tower Payments, we specialize in making credit card processing simple with the support you need at reasonable rates. Simply contact us today, and we can get to work helping your business grow.

Start processing credit cards for weight loss nutraceuticals now

Are you tired of digging through the small print in the T&Cs of merchant service provider after service provider – only to find that they can’t help you accept credit card payments for your weight loss supplements? If you’ve already found that WooCommerce is the e-commerce plugin you want to use for your products, but you just need credit card processing, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Tower Payments, we specialize in offering credit card processing that integrates brilliantly with WooCommerce. Our solutions also work for a host of other e-commerce software, platforms, and shopping carts. We work to make it as easy as possible for you to accept credit card payments for your high-risk products online. We achieve this by providing upfront, clear terms with fair and honest pricing, as well as support from a real human whenever you need it. Contact us today, and we’ll start working with you. We hope to be a small part of your success.