WordPress dating sites: credit card processing for membership payments

Are you looking for a fair, honest, dating site credit card processor that works best with WordPress? We can help. In terms of taking payments for membership sites, we believe WordPress might be the best way to go. Read more about our fast, affordable payment solutions for your dating or hook-up site below.

Why use Tower Payments for your dating site?

At Tower Payments, we specialize in providing credit card processing solutions that work for dating sites. We always focus on setting our clients up for success. We do this by offering fair and honest pricing, with clear terms and one-on-one support, for all of our credit card processing solutions. Your online dating business deserves processing that’s stable and predictable. With our support, you’ll always have a real person on the other end ready to give you the backing and assistance you need.

Online dating and matchmaking are universal these days – we’re here to help you jump in and accept monthly credit card payments for your memberships. We believe processing credit cards affordably shouldn’t stop you from running a successful matchmaking membership site. You can read more about our philosophy here. 

Why choose WordPress for your dating site

Why WordPress? WordPress is open-source and offers the widest range of payment integrations, from “card on file” customer info storage, to automated recurring monthly billings. With the right industry knowledge, we will handle the back-end setup so you will be able to process credit card payments for your WordPress dating site memberships in a way that is affordable, and easy to set up.

This is great news – as accepting credit and debit cards for adult sites, even dating sites can be a real challenge without the right payments partner. You need to do it right, and finding fairly priced credit card processing with clear, honest terms, is a must.

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS’) out there today. It’s used as the platform for e-commerce businesses, news outlets, educational institutions, and government sites. Its versatility is what brings us here: WordPress is also a great “match” (pardon the pun) for dating and hookup sites.

Open-source means flexibility – Tower Payments means stability

WordPress’s open source platform is great for matchmaking sites that have a paid membership setup. It allows for a massive library of third-party plugins that can flesh out your site with great functionalities and features.

Not only that, but you will also be able to troubleshoot issues if/when they occur using the huge and knowledgeable WordPress community. That’s a fantastic resource for any business. Additionally, most developers are familiar with WordPress – this means it will be easy for you to find developers if you need to request unique, tailor-made, solutions.

When combined with our affordable, stable credit card processing, WordPress is simply an amazing dating site solution.

WordPress templates and themes for dating sites

Another great side of WordPress as a dating site alternative is that there’s such a wealth of templates and themes you can use. Many of them, like “Sweet Date” by Themeforest, are specifically made for matchmaking and hookup sites. In other words, the only thing left is contacting us to accept payments for your membership plans.

Why dating sites need high-risk credit card processing

The short answer is that dating sites are considered “high-risk” by the merchant account and payment gateway industry. In and of itself, this doesn’t need to stop you. It only means you may have a harder time finding payment processors that can offer fair rates and good service -that’s where we come in. The reason why dating sites are “high-risk” is that they usually have a higher chargeback ratio than other businesses that are considered more “traditional.” The result, unfortunately, is that most standard merchant account and payment gateway providers won’t be open to taking your business in the first place. However, we can help.

At Tower Payments, we specialize in offering the best possible high-risk friendly credit card processing services to businesses like yours. Simply contact us today – we look forward to talking about your WordPress dating site’s needs.

Set up high-risk processing for your WordPress dating site

As we mentioned earlier, WordPress is great at integrating various third-party software. This includes an e-commerce plugin called WooCommerce. WooCommerce for WordPress is a great e-commerce solution for online dating sites. This combination gives you a great deal of freedom to customize your WordPress dating site to look and feel how you want it. With our help and high-risk friendly credit card processing, you can be set up correctly to easily accept payments from your members.

If you’d like more information, you can see our dedicated page on WooCommerce for WordPress. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us here. We’re more than happy to talk about the needs of your online matchmaking business.

Start processing credit cards on your WordPress dating site – the Tower Payments way

Accepting debit and credit card payments for your dating site’s memberships shouldn’t be hard. Unfortunately, it is hard for so many site owners out there. We want to help fix that – to make it easy to process credit cards for dating site memberships.

To us, the best way to do that is by offering you unparalleled personal support whenever you should need it. Not just when it’s convenient for us but whenever you need us. We also make sure that you get fair and honest prices with clear and simple up-front terms. In short, we like to keep it simple when giving you the best high-risk friendly credit card processing we can. Contact us today for honest, affordable credit card processing for your online dating site.