Credit card processing for online vape stores
If you’re running a vape and electronic cigarette website selling e-liquids, vaporizers, and accessories we can help you with affordable and easily integrated credit card processing. At Tower Payments, we help website owners like you with the application and setup process. We’ll also take the time to assist you with integrating your vape processing with your site builder – even Shopify! We offer simple, fair solutions. No hoops. No unnecessary paperwork (like the “legal opinion letters” some processors have begun asking for).  We have options that allow you to get set up and selling for $0.00 upfront, with no annual registration fees or other surcharges, no held funds, no reserves. Contact us to learn more. 

Vape credit card processing should be easy and affordable

Finding decent vape friendly credit card processing is one of the most significant hurdles for vape e-commerce sites, but it shouldn’t be. As a vape merchant, you need a high-risk merchant account and a payment gateway suited for your business type, but that doesn’t mean you should pay high-risk rates. Vape a high-risk product mostly because the FDA regulates it. On top of the FDA oversight, you also need to ensure that your customer is of legal smoking age. These complexities make some processors shy away from offering vape merchant accounts, and makes other charge unfair rates. Not at Tower. We provide low-cost credit card processing for vape sites with clear, upfront terms and one on one support.

Vape use versus cigarettes

Vape Tower Payments in-content ImageAs an e-commerce merchant selling vape and e-liquid products, you should be aware of the recent conversation surrounding this business type. Over the last half a decade or so, the number of e-cigarette users has grown substantially. As the trend continues, vape has been under scrutiny by the FDA and other regulatory bodies. However, time and again, vape comes out on top as a healthier alternative to combustible cigarettes. The FDA practically sees vaping as a kind of double-edged sword. On the one hand, the FDA worries about vape’s impact on young people. On the other, more positive, hand vaping is considered an excellent way for current smokers to switch to a less damaging alternative.

What this means to you as an online seller of e-juice and vape accessories is that the FDA and other regulatory bodies will scrutinize your products. In turn, due to the level of regulation associated with the products, banks and major credit card labels categorize vape as a high-risk product. In other words, you need to make sure that when you set up your e-commerce site or Shopify store, correctly. You need to integrate it with a payment gateway and merchant account suited for high-risk businesses. You can always contact us anytime if you need help starting to accept credit card payments.

Start selling vape products online

We specialize in helping high-risk merchants start to sell their products online in a safe, reliable, and sustainable manner from the get-go. We offer our clients one-on-one support throughout their application process and ensure that the resulting payment solutions work as intended. With our extensive experience in high-risk merchant services, we also know that different site builders work better for certain high-risk business types. If you have a particular site builder in mind like WooCommerce or Shopify for your e-commerce vape venture, we have a vast knowledge of their compatibility and suitability for your online business.

As a vape merchant, you want support for your nicotine, non-nicotine e-juice, and general e-tobacco products. We can help! We can help ensure that your e-commerce site offers the product variety your customers are looking for. You will get fair and honest pricing with upfront terms when partnering with us to start processing credit cards on your online e-cigarette store. While acquiring high-risk merchant accounts can take a while, you will get fast approvals through our vetted process. We will help you with your payment processing and merchant service needs.

Why vape is high-risk

We’ve already touched on a few reasons why e-cigarette businesses are considered high-risk. It’s mainly due to being highly regulated, age restricted and having an overall complicated legal status. If you’re considering starting an online vape store, you should seek legal counsel first. This will help you avoid starting on the wrong foot, and prevent unnecessary legal complications down the line. And, if you need credit card processing and a payment gateway, contact us. We will help you get set up correctly, the first time.

Due to these regulatory restrictions, various banks and credit card issuers have become wary of the vape and e-cigarette industry. This essentially means that major payment gateways and processors are unlikely to accept your business. This is where the importance of high-risk credit card processing comes in. With the right credit card processing for your business type, you will encounter fewer issues. Unlike standard merchant service providers, we want your business. We know the high-risk environment well, and we can help you succeed.

Contact us for high-risk credit card processing

At Tower Payments, we will help you to start accepting credit cards from your online point of sale. You will also get one-on-one support throughout the process. We have experience assisting a great number small business owners with their e-commerce sites. We can help you start your type of business with the support you need from day one. You will get excellent customer service and insights when choosing the right payment processors for you. Contact us today so we can help you sell your products online. You can contact us through our contact form below, or call us at +1 978-346-6043.