Credit card processing for online dating sites

We provide stable, reasonably priced, and easily integrated credit card processing for dating websites. As you have probably learned, to accept payments as an online dating provider, you need a high-risk merchant account. The reason for this, and how exactly it works, can often be confusing. At Tower Payments, we have years of experience and an honest, straightforward approach. We specialize in helping dating sites to get started with the right merchant account from the beginning. You can learn more about us here.

dating sites tower payments in content imageIf you’re looking to get started accepting credit cards on your online dating site, contact us today. We are happy to take the time to set you up as quickly and painlessly as possible. If you’re still in the “research” phase, keep reading below. Based on our years of experience, we’ve put together a handful of items that can be helpful to new dating sites.

Online dating is the new normal

Online dating websites are a phenomenon that has taken off over the last decade or so. There’s a considerable range in reputation and perception, depending on niche and approach. While they hit the spotlight for less than glamorous reasons a few years ago, the fact is that there are plenty of fantastic love stories that have come to be as a result of the service online dating sites provide.

Dating sites need high-risk processing

Dating sites are considered a high-risk business type for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is guilt by association. Most processors do not make a clear distinction when assessing adult-oriented industries. We do.

Dating sites carry an association with other ‘adult’ industries. Merchant account providers categorize dating sites as high-risk alongside other businesses. Regardless of the niche your business might be in it can cause problems for you. However, as we’ve mentioned, this is a simplified explanation. There’s much more information processors take into account. Mitigating factors such as business plans, business models, revenue factors, and chargeback history all make a difference.

Business model and revenue factors

As there is a multitude of different online dating services out there today, making it very difficult to stand out within your niche. Whether your business is classified as high-risk or very high-risk when applying for credit card processing can depend on your business plan. Unfortunately, it can be even more challenging to demonstrate reliability in a known high-risk sector with a business plan. This may pose a problem for standard merchant account providers. They are not prepared to take into account the potential risks involved. However, with a high-risk specialist merchant account provider like us, you are much more likely to get the assistance you need.

Whichever payment model you are using, be it a subscription or a one-time payment at the beginning of services, we’ll be able to provide you a high-risk credit card processing that will work best for your website and your software. With the right high-risk merchant account, you’ll be able to process credit card payments easily on your dating site.

Chargeback history and probability

Online dating services generally face a higher than usual likelihood of chargebacks. This is where our expertise and in-depth knowledge can help your business. With the right advice upfront, you will experience fewer problems and consequences if you do experience some chargebacks. Contact us anytime. We can help you start processing credit cards on your dating site securely, with transparent, fair rates.

Why dating sites need high-risk merchant accounts to accept payments

Even though it may be possible to “accidentally” set up a standard merchant account, problems will arise quickly and with potentially severe consequences. High-risk merchant accounts are well suited for the problems unique to high-risk industries. Such as chargebacks, for example. On the other hand, standard merchant accounts will not respond similarly. As a result, you may experience held funds or a merchant account shut down if you are not set up correctly in the first place.

When we set up a merchant account for your dating site, you will process transactions without fear of getting your account shut down. The more stable your high-risk merchant account and payment gateway is, the better you can serve your clients.

We can provide the insight you need

We have extensive experience assisting high-risk merchants with credit card processing and payment gateways that work with their existing software. Our expertise lies in finding the appropriate merchant account for various types of high-risk businesses. We will take your niche and business model into account and provide the best merchant account solution for your website.

Contact us today. We’d love to help.