Wix credit card processing for online headshops

Are you trying to find Wix compatible credit card processing for your online headshop? There are little known tricks to integrate headshop processing with Wix. We’re here to help!

At Tower Payments, we offer affordable and honest high-risk friendly credit card processing that will allow you to accept credit cards on your online headshop long-term – even on Wix.

If you’re new to high-risk e-commerce and are about to launch your first online headshop, you no doubt have many items on your to-do list.

We ensure that our credit card processing integrates smoothly with Wix since it’s compatible with a range of high-risk businesses.

We’ll make sure that you have a simple and affordable way to accept credit cards for your head shop products. You can contact us here to get started, or you can read on below for more information.

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What makes Wix a good match for online headshop e-commerce

When you’re planning on selling pipe, glass, and smoking accessories online, the first big hurdle you need to overcome is finding a site builder and e-commerce platform that works with your business.

This is because, as an online headshop business, you’re in the high-risk category from a payment processing standpoint. This is what leads many service providers to add your business type to their respective “prohibited business” lists.

However, just because you’re running a high-risk business doesn’t mean you can’t sell your products successfully from a nicely polished website.

Expert high-risk credit card processing is a must for online headshops

Before we move on to discuss Wix, you must know the importance of using the right type of credit card processing. Especially if this is your first business, you might not be aware that selling pipes, glass, and smoking accessories makes your business “high-risk” and therefore is prohibited by Wix Payments, PayPal, and Stripe.

There are many reasons why different businesses are given the “high-risk” label by various financial institutions and credit card companies.

Regardless of the reason, the main consequence of being high-risk is that fewer merchant service providers are able or willing to offer you their services.

Still, many new high-risk businesses choose familiar brands like Wix Payments, PayPal, or Stripe when first looking to find ways to accept credit card payments. We don’t recommend relying on either when you run a high-risk business, as chances are you’re in their prohibited business list.

Many Wix business owners feel as though they don’t have options when choosing payment service providers.

However, if you use high-risk credit card processors and merchant service experts, like Tower Payments, you’ll be able to sell your head shop products on Wix.

High-risk compatibility and credit card processing with Wix

Wix is compatible with a range of high-risk businesses, and it’s also one of the better and more well-known e-commerce platforms out there. Since it allows you to add expanded e-commerce payment functionality to its all-in-one website builder, Wix provides you with a way to set up your online store and create a customized website design at the same time.

On the other hand, their out-of-the-box payment gateway isn’t necessarily the right choice for high-risk businesses. This ties back the need for specialized high-risk credit card processing, to avoid many common issues and challenges.

However, with the right systems and services in place, Wix does allow for third-party payment solutions. This is how we can offer you an affordable, honest, head shop payment gateway.

With our credit card processing, you’ll be able to move forward using Wix with confidence. We pride ourselves on our stable and secure payment services, and we’ve found that many of our clients save money with our processing.

Are you curious as to what we can offer you and whether you might benefit from adding our head shop credit card processing to your Wix store? Then please contact us here. We’re more than happy to talk to you about your business’ needs.

Start accepting credit cards on your Wix headshop

Running an online headshop using Wix doesn’t mean you have to settle for unnecessarily high processing fees.

With Tower Payments, you’ll get credit card processing that’s honest, affordable, and integrates very well with Wix.

Not only is our processing easy to use – we always provide up-front, clear, and honest terms.

Read more about Tower Payments and how we treat our clients on our about us page.

At Tower Payments, we don’t simply want to be your processor. We want to be there for you and provide you with the help and support you need when you need it.

We look forward to helping you sell your pipes, grinders, bongs, dabs, and glassware products online with Wix. Get a free quote from us today!