How to accept credit cards for a matchmaking site on WordPress

Are you struggling to accept online payments for your adult matchmaking WordPress site? At Tower Payments, we offer business owners the opportunity to process credit card transactions safely online. By specializing in high-risk businesses, like adult dating sites with recurring billing, we’re opening the doors for business owners who want to accept online payments on WordPress run online dating platforms.

We’re here to make it easy for you to accept credit card payments from your clients. This is why we highlight ways to easily run your site and easily accept payments online. One proven way is to use WordPress – a hugely popular site builder and platform.

However, before we dive right in, it’s useful to have a refresh on why matchmaking sites need high-risk credit card processing in the first place. Then we’ll quickly run through the features and value you’ll get with WordPress and how it all works together.

What makes matchmaking sites high-risk?

Specific regulations and legislation apply to any site providing content, products, or services that target adults or adult activities. As a matchmaking site, your e-commerce business falls within the high-risk category. In fact, this legal reason is actually similar to what adult toys, movies, and entertainment sites experience. What this means is that there are more potential pitfalls for your type of business than there would be for a corner store coffee shop, for example. As a consequence, standard merchant service providers are less likely to offer you their services. It’s even less likely that they’ll offer sites with recurring billing favorable terms and at reasonable prices.

Chargebacks are common for dating sites

An additional item that causes matchmaking sites to be classified as high-risk is the frequency of chargebacks. When a customer disputes a transaction through their bank or credit card company, a forced refund can then be issued to the customer’s account. If the business owner cannot cover the cost of these chargebacks, the processor is on the hook. Additionally, there is a risk of fines from the credit card associations. Historically, dating sites experience a higher chargeback ratio than more standard businesses. This makes credit card processors very concerned with getting stuck with chargeback costs and potential fines.

After all, people who subscribe to online dating platforms are often looking for something very specific. The problem arises if they don’t find exactly what they’re looking for. Then they simply unsubscribe and often ask for their money back.

Matchmaking sites are high-risk

Online matchmaking sites are mainly considered high-risk because of certain “naturally occurring hazards,” like chargebacks, that simply go with the territory. Some various laws and regulations apply to this industry. This combination can make it challenging to find merchant services that will support your online business.

By specializing in the high-risk credit card processing, Tower Payments is ready to offer payment solutions to any legal business selling memberships to online dating sites.

Why WordPress can be right for your online dating platform

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular Content Management System (CMS) out there. However, it’s not an out-of-the-box e-commerce site builder. This is why so many forget to consider them as an alternative when choosing a platform and site builder for their high-risk e-commerce site.

There are plenty of reasons why WordPress might be the right way to go for your site. To give you a small sample of what WordPress can offer you, we’ll highlight some of the features and benefits you can get from it.

An open-source platform with plenty of customizability

One primary benefit of WordPress to adult-themed businesses is that it’s open-source. This means that you’ll have a whole community that works on 1) creating plugins for the platform, 2) improving the platform, 3) providing help when issues occur. Additionally, and most importantly, open-source means it is far less likely to implement a change to its terms and conditions that negatively affect a matchmaking or hookup site.

Great plugins and a supporting community

This community is an excellent resource for anyone. However, it’s especially useful if you don’t have a big coding team that can help create and code your website from scratch. With the community comes an unparalleled library of plugins that give you easy to use features that can vastly improve the overall functionality of your site.

These plugins are an essential part of how you can turn a regular membership site into a paid membership site.

Using the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress matchmaking sites

For adult dating sites using WordPress, many site owners choose the WooCommerce plugin. The reason is that WooCommerce allows us to assist you with high-risk credit processing. As we mentioned earlier, this is vital for you to accept payments successfully. However, you’ll also need to integrate a high-risk friendly payment gateway and merchant account.

That’s where Tower Payments comes in. We’re ready to help you accept online payments for your WordPress matchmaking site. We offer great rates, with honest pricing and upfront terms. We can help your high-risk site succeed – not to mention that we’re happy to help integrate all the moving parts for you. We want to make it as easy for you as possible to accept membership payments online for your dating website.

Accept payments for your WordPress matchmaking site today

With Tower Payments, your processing solutions are streamlined because we specialize in high-risk industries, and we know the ins and outs of a whole host of e-commerce software. Not only does this help you run your business, but it’s also easier for your clients to sign up and process their payments in a fast and secure way.

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