Are you looking for fair and honest credit card processing for your Wix adult toy site? We can help!

We have tools that easily integrate high-risk payment gateways with Wix to make accepting orders a walk in the park when running your online adult toy store.

Our affordable high-risk friendly credit card processing makes it simple to accept credit card payments for sex toys and erotic items with Wix. Are you ready to take credit cards for sex toys and vibrators using the Wix platform? Contact us today!

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Adult toy sites need a high-risk credit card processor

From a merchant service provider’s point of view, businesses carry different risks depending on a variety of factors. This is why many industries struggle to set up an online store through website platform builders like Wix, and why PayPal and Stripe might not accept certain business types.

As an adult-oriented business owner, you’re running what’s known in the payment processing world as a high-risk business. We won’t get into details about what this means in this article, but you can learn more about high-risk sex toy e-commerce here. The short version is that fewer merchant account and credit card processing providers are able or willing to provide their services to your business.

The good news is that you can still get excellent merchant services and credit card processing for your sex toy business.
At Tower Payments, we specialize in high-risk credit card processing for sex toy e-commerce. In fact, we’re incredibly familiar with a wide range of high-risk business types, and we offer affordable credit card processing to boot. We’ve also got a great deal of experience integrating our processing with different high-risk friendly platforms, shopping carts, and e-commerce software, including Wix. This puts us in a great and unique position to recommend various software and platforms for sex toy businesses.

You have payment processing options as a high-risk sex toy business owner

You shouldn’t have to settle for unnecessarily high processing fees, and, to thrive, you need to be comfortable relying on your credit card processor. Not to mention that when questions arise, you want a real person on the other line providing the assistance you need.

Nothing is more infuriating than being at the mercy of a robot “press one press two” prompt at the end of the other line. Especially when you’re dealing with a processing problem. We make sure you always have a real person to help you with whatever you need – giving you the support you rightly deserve.

With us, you don’t have to settle. We’ll give you affordable, high-risk friendly credit card processing with up-front, fair, and transparent terms. We’re ready to help your Wix site process credit card payments for the sex toys and adult products your customers love. Read more about us and our services at Tower Payments here.

The ABC’s of selling sex toys on a Wix-run site

Wix is a very popular option and an excellent website builder used by many e-commerce businesses across industries. Wix comes with an array of attractive e-commerce features and functions that allow you to run a simple, yet complex e-commerce adult toy business.

With Wix’s well-rounded, template-based website building platform, you can create a great-looking and highly functional sex toy e-commerce website. It also offers options for adding new functions to your site through various plugins and third-party integrations.

This makes Wix an excellent option for just about any e-commerce venture. However, there’s a little more to using it successfully for an adult-oriented business. First and foremost, you’ll need to integrate high-risk-friendly credit card processing and connect it to your Wix website.

Adding Wix compatible high-risk credit card processing

A crucial component that any high-risk business needs to have in place is getting its merchant services from a company that specializes in high-risk payments. This remains the case when using Wix as well. This is why, if you’re using Wix to sell sex toys and other adult products, you need to make sure your merchant service provider can handle the inherent nature of your business.

We know the ins and outs of integrating high-risk credit card processing into Wix

At Tower Payments, we provide processing that works perfectly with both Wix and adult product and sex toy sales. We make sure you can have it up and running quickly, without having to worry about your site’s ability to accept credit card payments going forward. We’ll provide you with reliable, affordable, and safe credit card processing in the long run.

Start processing credit cards on your sex toy Wix website today

Are you wondering whether you’re paying unnecessarily high credit card processing fees for your sex toy sales? Our clients have found that we can help them save money on processing.

Or, are you having trouble finding merchant services that work with both your Wix site and for adult product sales? We offer high-risk friendly, Wix compatible credit card processing. Contact us today if you need help accepting credit card payments on your adult toys Wix e-commerce site!