Headshop credit card processing for BigCommerce

Are you a high-risk website owner who is having a hard time processing credit cards on your BigCommerce headshop website? Below we outline how to set up affordable, reliable credit card processing for BigCommerce headshop websites.

At Tower Payments, we provide stable credit card processing that is high-risk friendly and ideal for headshops selling hookahs, bongs, or other smoking paraphernalia. Using our experience helping high-risk businesses like yours, we’ve optimized our processing to integrate smoothly with BigCommerce (and various other software and carts).

Contact us using the short form at the bottom of this page if you’re ready to start accepting debit and credit cards for your headshop products using BigCommerce. On the other hand, if you want to know more about accepting payments online while using BigCommerce for your headshop, please keep reading below.

Why BigCommerce headshop businesses need high-risk processing

If you sell grinders, bongs, hookahs, or other smoking paraphernalia online, as far as merchant service providers are concerned, you’re running a “high-risk” business. While being high-risk does present challenges, it’s not something that needs to stop or limit your ability to accept credit cards online. We can help you get an affordable payment gateway.

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It is very important to obtain your merchant account and a payment gateway from a high-risk processing specialist. For example, we generally recommend avoiding PayPal and Stripe as your business type often falls within their general “restricted” or “prohibited” business lists. You can find Stripe’s restricted business list here and PayPal’s acceptable use policy here.

Affordable stable credit card processing for online headshops

Just because your online headshop can’t use Stripe or PayPal due to being a high-risk business, this doesn’t mean you can’t have affordable credit card processing!

At Tower Payments, we specialize in offering high-risk-friendly credit card processing, which brings you peace of mind. We’ve found that many of our clients save money on credit card processing with our services. We focus on giving headshop site owners the tools they need to grow their businesses. We believe that offering stable and reasonably priced payment gateways is the best way we can help you.

As high-risk credit card processing experts, we help a wide range of high-risk businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to headshop e-commerce or you have an established smoking accessories website. So don’t wait to contact us – we’re ready to help you start accepting credit card payments online.

BigCommerce works well for headshop sites – if you have the right credit card processor

Like payment gateways and merchant accounts, many shopping carts and site builders have restrictions as well when it comes to “high-risk” businesses.

This is why we want to bring BigCommerce to your attention. BigCommerce offers a terrific balance between useful features and the right amount of flexibility to avoid frustrating business owners by imposing unnecessary limitations. We have received plenty of positive feedback from our clients about BigCommerce – and we’re big fans of it too.

We know exactly how to integrate and set up a payment gateway and credit card processing for high-risk businesses like headshops on BigCommerce.

Headshop site owners don’t need to settle for expensive payment processing

A big challenge when running a high-risk online business is finding the information you need in the first place to accept payments. It can be difficult to find processing at a price that works for your bottom line and unique business. Even when you’ve found e-commerce software that supports high-risk sales, it can still be a challenge to accept credit cards online.

In our experience, many business owners settle for whatever processing is available once they are approved for a high-risk merchant account. Unfortunately, this often means that they use unstable or expensive processing simply because they don’t know that there are better alternatives.

We don’t think that’s right – your product type shouldn’t unnecessarily limit your profit margin or hold back your business’s ability to grow. Instead, we believe that all legal businesses deserve the same chance at success. That’s why we offer fair and honest pricing, with clear, up-front terms, for our high-risk credit card processing clients.

Start processing credit cards for your BigCommerce headshop today

Why wait to start accepting credit and debit card payments for your online headshop? With Tower Payments, you’ll get affordable, easy-to-use credit card processing that integrates smoothly with your BigCommerce headshop.

Better yet, with us, you won’t have to deal with unnecessarily high fees. We always provide up-front and transparent terms. We don’t just want to be your processor – we want to be there for you when you need us. This is why we’re offering the support you need to comfortably accept payments online from a real person.

If you’d like more credit card processing and integration specifics for your unique business, get in touch with us here.

We look forward to making it easy for you to sell your bongs, hookahs, and glassware products on BigCommerce. Contact us today to get started.