Adult sex toy credit card processing and Shopify

There are many high-risk friendly site builders and shopping carts you can use for your adult sex toy website. Of the hundreds of choices out there, Shopify is one of the most popular – and for a good reason. A Shopify adult toy site is easy to set up, SEO friendly, has reliable service, beautiful templates, and offers integrated credit card processing for most products and services.

One challenge you may find when setting up any high-risk Shopify site is that it’s not always easy to sell what you want to with their recommended credit card processing. Many e-commerce marketers are looking for more lucrative industries, often with less competition, which points them towards a “high-risk” market like adult toys. Often new site owners have no idea that Shopify has restrictions on the types of products it offers its credit card processing for. When store owners do eventually find out about Shopify’s prohibited product restrictions, they usually do not know where to turn for help.

What is high-risk and why does Shopify Payments care?

The term “high-risk” in the e-commerce industry generally refers to increased regulation, a higher than an average number of chargebacks, a bad industry reputation, or possibly an elevated risk of fraud in that market. High-risk credit card processing requires a more specific type of merchant account than your standard online payment gateway. It’s unfortunate that there are so many chargeback claims these days, but it’s important to realize that many of these claims are fraudulent or from people who were “caught making a purchase” and became embarrassed for having purchased an adult sex toy.

Adult toy credit card processing for Shopify is different

For businesses that sell adult sex toys on Shopify, setting up a way to accept credit cards and finding a compatible merchant account with low rates and fair terms can be particularly frustrating. This is because the standard Shopify payment gateway/merchant account prohibits many high-risk sales, possibly because some in the industry associate them with pornography or illicit services.

Signing up for credit card processing without the correct guidance can be particularly dangerous, as many high-risk processors may not finish the underwriting for your account for months, and when their loss prevention departments discover an illicit image or other “risk flag” on your adult toy site, they can freeze your accounts. To avoid these hazards and obstacles, we recommend getting the proper advice and accounts from the start. For many, this seems like an overly complicated process, but we assure you it’s pretty simple. We’d love to guide you through it, contact us any time using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We know Shopify, and we know high-risk

We specialize in connecting Shopify site owners with credit card processing that fits the needs of their specific industry. This way you know your credit card processing is built to sell what you want it to, and you won’t have to worry about your accounts getting frozen six months down the line. We can also help you step by step to set up your Shopify compatible adult toy credit card processing.

Shopify and Authorize.Net

Not all Authorize.Net accounts allow sex toys, so we take extra care to ensure that the credit card processor we connect to Authorize.Net works with sex toys. Many merchants simply do an online search and sign up for Authorize.Net without making sure that the processing that connects to Authorize.Net supports their business type. Instead of taking that risk, we can set you up with an adult toy friendly Authorize.Net account and make sure that the processing it connects to is adult sex toy friendly.

Adult toys are a huge opportunity

It should come as no surprise that “sex” is the most popular keyword on the Internet, and therefore it should also follow that any business in that industry could make a significant amount of money. The issue is that legitimate Shopify sites, selling perfectly legal products, have to set themselves up correctly to have smooth sales and no problems with their merchant account. We can help companies that fall under many categories in the adult entertainment world, such as adult novelties, adult content member-driven sites, adult books and movies, lingerie and clothing, and more.

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for a reason, and you should be able to use whichever platform best suits your business, even if their recommended processors don’t always like working with your particular industry.

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