Cannabis equipment credit card processing for Wix sites

Are you looking for fair, honest, cannabis-equipment credit card processing for your Wix site?

Tower Payments can help your hemp or marijuana supply business with credit card processing alternatives to Wix Payments, Stripe, and PayPal.

We’ll easily integrate high-risk payment gateways with Wix for you. This will make accepting orders a walk in the park when running your cannabis-equipment supply company.

Our affordable, high-risk-friendly credit card processing makes it simple to accept debit and credit card payments for cannabis equipment, and our years of experience allow us to do things others cannot – like add a high-risk payment gateway to your Wix website.

Are you ready to accept credit card payments for your cannabis equipment business using the Wix platform? Contact us today!

If you want more information about high-risk credit card processing solutions for Wix, please continue reading below.

Cannabis equipment sites need high-risk credit card processing

All businesses carry different risks depending on a variety of factors. As a result, merchant service providers, in general, tend to shy away from offering their services to industries that statistically carry more risk or regulation than others. This is why many businesses face challenges when setting up an online store through website platform builders like Wix.

The Wix Payments list of prohibited products and services includes those used to grow or produce drugs. Unfortunately, many legal hemp producers, CBD extraction equipment companies, and medical marijuana supply companies have had their websites shut down or payment processing declined by Wix Payments for violating these conditions.

You can read the Wix Payments list of prohibited products on the Wix Payments website.

When you sell products that have restrictions, you’re running what’s known as a high-risk business. While we won’t get into details about what this means here, you can learn more about high-risk processing for cannabis equipment sites here. What is most important for you to know now is that fewer merchant account and credit card processing providers are able or willing to provide their services to your business.

However, there is good news. You can still get excellent merchant services and credit card processing for your cannabis equipment e-commerce business.

At Tower Payments, we specialize in affordable high-risk credit card processing for cannabis and hemp equipment e-commerce. In fact, we’re very familiar with a wide range of high-risk business types.

We’re ideally positioned, considering our payment expertise and our years of experience integrating our processing with different high-risk-friendly platforms, shopping carts, and e-commerce software, including Wix.

Need cannabis equipment credit card processing? Don’t settle and don’t pay too much

Far too often, new and exciting cannabis equipment ventures kick off with alternative Wix credit card processing that limits their ability to grow and prosper. Usually, we find that this is the case because of a lack of information.

By and large, there are two main areas of confusion. One of the most common issues is that the new merchant doesn’t know they need specialized processing in the first place. The second area that needs to be cleared up is that even though you do need high-risk merchant services, you don’t have to settle for inferior service and high rates.

Unnecessarily high processing fees and poor merchant account support can really put a damper on any business, and you need to be comfortable relying on your credit card processor.

Importantly, you also want a real person you can pick up the phone and call, who will provide you with assistance should you need it.

With Tower Payments, you’ll get affordable, high-risk-friendly credit card processing with up-front, fair, and transparent terms. We’re ready to help your Wix site process credit card payments for the cannabis equipment and products your clients need. Read more about us and our services at Tower Payments here.

The basics of selling cannabis equipment on a Wix-run site

Wix is a great site-builder used by e-commerce businesses across industries. It comes with a wide range of excellent e-commerce features and functions, making it easy to run simple, yet complex cannabis equipment businesses online.

Wix is a well-rounded, template-based website-building platform. What this means is that you can quickly create a cannabis equipment website that looks and works great without coding expertise. It also offers plenty of plugins and third-party integrations so that you can add new functions and features to your site.

All in all, Wix is an excellent option for just about any e-commerce venture. However, when you’re selling products that are high-risk, and especially equipment for processing age-restricted products, there’s a little more to using Wix. That is – you’ll need to integrate high-risk-friendly credit card processing.

Get Wix-compatible high-risk credit card processing

An irreplaceable component of success that any high-risk business owner needs is getting their merchant services from a company that specializes in high-risk payments. This remains the case when using Wix as well. This is why, when you’re selling cannabis equipment using Wix, you need to make sure your merchant service provider can handle the nature of your business.

We’ll help you add high-risk credit card processing to Wix

At Tower Payments, we provide processing that works perfectly with Wix and cannabis equipment sales. We make sure you can have it up and running quickly, without having to worry about your site’s ability to accept credit card payments going forward. We’ll provide you with reliable, affordable, and safe credit card processing in the long run.

Start processing credit cards on your Wix-run cannabis equipment store today

Do you believe you’re paying unnecessarily high credit card processing fees on your cannabis equipment sales? Our clients have found that we can help them save money on processing.

Or maybe you’re having trouble finding merchant services that work with both your Wix site and your high-risk product type? We offer high-risk-friendly, Wix-compatible credit card processing. Contact us today if you need help accepting credit card payments on your cannabis equipment Wix e-commerce site!