Magento credit card processing for adult cam sites

If you’re in the research phase of entering the adult cam site business, you’ve probably come across some difficulty finding the site builder you need, combined with an affordable way to processing credit cards. The good news is that there are some excellent solutions out there. Many find that Magento is the way to go for adult cam membership sites, and we’ll discuss its benefits here.

Some of you might already run your adult cam site with Magento, but are looking for a fair and stable way of accepting debit and credit cards. In that case, we have some good news.

With Magento as your platform and Tower Payments for your credit card processing, you’ll get a great overall e-commerce membership site that integrates payment processing in a way that’s very smooth for your customers.

If you want to start accepting debit and credit cards for your adult cam site, feel free to contact us here. To learn more about Magento and how Tower Payments can provide you with the processing services you need, please read on below.

Why taking credit card payments can be tough for adult cam site owners

As you might already be experiencing, it can be very challenging to find a merchant service provider that offers you upfront terms and fair, affordable pricing. The main reason there are fewer options for you than for other business types is that you’re running a business that’s classified as “high-risk.”

There are various reasons why adult cam membership businesses classify as high-risk. Chief among them is that you’re operating in an industry with strict regulations and offering a service that’s adult-only.

As a result, there are fewer merchant service providers that are capable of handling factors that are naturally occurring for your business type. Fewer still are able to offer you a fair deal and provide you with the right level of service and support.

At Tower Payments, we specialize in offering credit card processing to adult cam sites and other high-risk businesses. With our years of experience and industry insights, we’ve found solutions that will work for your unique business. By always offering clear, upfront terms and fair, affordable pricing with our processing services, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. You’ll get a team player that’s ready to help and support you and help your business grow. If you’d like to know more about our high-risk friendly credit card processing, please feel free to contact us. In the meantime, let’s look at Magento and why it’s a great fit for adult cam membership sites.

Magento is a great site builder for adult membership sites

There are many great platforms and shopping carts that work for high-risk businesses. However, we want to highlight Magento as a great choice for adult cam sites.

One of the greatest benefits of Magento is that it’s an open source e-commerce platform. Being open source means that you can use it to build your website with it as you see fit. Even out of the box, Magento comes with some very useful tools and custom extensions that are readily available. That in combination with the fantastic global community of users makes Magento an overall excellent solution for high-risk site owners.

Additionally, this makes Magento very flexible in terms of third-party extension integrations, including payment gateway and processing possibilities. This makes it ideal for businesses like adult cam sites that need very specialized payment processing capabilities.

Magento offers multiple products in order to better fit different business types and sizes. The free Magento Open Source (Magento Community platform), for example, is excellent for smaller high-risk businesses. A great aspect of Magento is that it also scales very easily with your business as you grow and increase in users and audience.

Accepting credit and debit cards for high-risk adult cam membership sites

As we mentioned earlier, as an adult cam membership site owner, you’re running a high-risk business. With that comes some complications, but it certainly doesn’t mean that credit card processing should hold your business back.

That’s what we at Tower Payments are all about – giving you the support and merchant services that help your high-risk business grow and succeed.

The best way we know to achieve this is by always offering clear, upfront terms for our credit card processing. We’ve also found that our fair, honest prices can actually save you money on payment processing. If you’d like to talk more in depth about what we can do for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Start processing credit cards for adult cam sites today

Are you ready to start accepting debit and credit card payments on your adult membership site? Get in touch with us today! We’re always more than happy to offer any additional information you might need. We’re confident we’ll be able to offer you the credit card processing services and terms that will help you grow.

Contact us here, so we can start making credit card processing easy for your Magento adult cam site today!