Process credit cards for your Joomla dating site.

Are you looking for a content management system (CMS) for your online dating site? Or are you planning on creating your site and looking for CMS recommendations? In that case, Joomla might very well be the CMS you’re looking for. To make it even better, with our high-risk credit card processing solutions you’ll have no problem accepting credit or debit card payments on your Joomla powered online dating site.

If you’ve tried to find credit card processing for your online dating site already, you no probably know that it can become quite frustrating. As a high-risk business type, you’ll need specialized merchant services in order to accept online payments stably and consistently.

At Tower Payments, we have plenty of experience providing fair, honest pricing for our high-risk friendly credit card processing. With us, you’ll always get a person on the other end when calling in if you have questions or need help. Simply get in touch with us here, or through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Are Joomla and dating sites a good match?

If you’re planning on launching your online dating site and looking for a CMS, there are certain things you’ll want to keep a lookout for. Generally, you’ll want the CMS to be open source, offer the possibility to modify the source code if you want, and provide a good balance between freedom to make changes and structured functionalities.

Joomla fits the bill to a T.

What an open source CMS can do for you

Joomla is open source and allows you to modify the source code directly should you want to hire a professional to add new or more functionalities to the core program. An added benefit to having an open source CMS is the community of users that comes with it. The Joomla community can be a great resource to any site owner, and it means you’re never alone. If you’re coming across any issues, or looking to add new features to your site, there’s a whole army of users ready to jump onboard and help.

Another element of an open source platform is that it usually isn’t tied to the same restrictive framework more “all in one” site builders and e-commerce software are. This makes them particularly well suited for dating websites. Since online dating sites are classified as high-risk, you’ll want to make sure that your business type isn’t going against any T&Cs. With Joomla, you’ll be able to create the online dating site you’ve been picturing.

Features, customization, and credit card processing

What you also get with Joomla is a robust site builder that gives you plenty of extensions or plugins that expand on the overall functionalities that are available for your site. Once you’ve set up most of the functionalities you want for your site, you can add our credit card processing solution. All you need to do is get in touch with us (you can contact us here), and we’ll set it all up and make sure it integrates properly with your Joomla site and its features.

You’ll also get a vast library of themes to pick and choose from that you can add your own touches to. All this is combined with how user-friendly Joomla is. It doesn’t matter if you’re unfamiliar with them or a seasoned expert. You’ll be able to use the platform with relative ease and plenty of support available.

You need to add more to Joomla in order to accept credit cards on your dating site

It’s very important to understand that Joomla is actually a Content Management System (CMS), not an all-in-one e-commerce site builder (like Shopify, for example). This means that you need to add certain features in order to accept payments online. Regardless of what e-commerce software you choose to install on your Joomla site, we’ll be able to provide you with the high-risk friendly credit card processing you need.

At Tower Payments, we’re very experienced in providing payment processing for many different high-risk business types. We’re also very familiar with processing credit card payments for online dating sites. This means that you can rest assured with us that our credit card processing solution will not only work with your product type, but also integrate perfectly with your Joomla software.

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We can help you accept credit and debit card payments online for your Joomla-built online dating site. With our credit card processing solutions you can rest assured that we provide up-front, honest fees with clear T&Cs. We know there’s more than enough challenges in the world of high-risk e-commerce. Accepting credit card payments on your online dating site shouldn’t be one of them. If you ever have questions about our services or need any help, you’ll always reach a real person on the other end to help you.

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