WooCommerce credit card processing for adult toys
Selling sex toys, vibrators, and adult novelties online may seem easy enough on the surface. The reality is that it is often more complicated than it first appears. For many website owners finding adult toy friendly credit card processing that is compatible with their WooCommerce site is a huge hassle. (Quick tip, It doesn’t need to be, contact us anytime to get started.)

Beyond the challenges of accepting credit cards, there is a lot of competition. It’s easy to get stuck with a lousy platform or a lousy payment gateway because of a web-store hosting service. This is not to make you second guess this product market which is lucrative. We just want to help you get started the right way.

Let us give you some tips and advice to avoid the obstacles and pitfalls to create a profitable online sex toy store. E-commerce platforms are a dime a dozen these days, for some it can be hard to decide which platform will best suit the needs of their business. Those in the high-risk category often have a smaller list of choices to reach the full potential of their profits. Adult toys, in particular, have a high potential to make money, but it’s important to set your business up correctly to give it the best chance to compete.

WooCommerce works well for adult toy sites

One of our preferred platforms for an adult toy store is WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a plug-in for WordPress, which is the most popular website platform in the world. In addition to that, it’s an open source platform, which allows users to add code and gives them complete control over their website. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plug-in for WordPress and is also open source, giving you maximum control over your online sex toy store.

WordPress is also at the beginning of a significant three-part update that will extensively overhaul the user experience and add many new exciting features to improve performance and incorporate the latest software technology of the most popular platform in the world. Learn more about Gutenberg from WordPress here. WooCommerce is a simple, secure platform to learn how to use and with an extensive list of plug-ins and widgets running your web-store can be thorough and straightforward.

WooCommerce plug-ins aren’t just made by random programmers either; there are over 400 official WooCommerce plug-ins available to add to your shop. Some of these extensions are free, and some of them cost a bit of money. These add-ons vary in purpose from shipping help to membership or “of the month club” management and the integration of WooCommerce high-risk credit card processing.

Credit card processing for sex toys on WooCommerce

Stable, reasonably priced, and easily integrated credit card processing is an essential part of your online store, no matter what products you’re selling. This is especially true for high-risk categories.  Websites that offer adult toys, adult entertainment like live streaming, or downloadable videos often struggle with finding a credit card processor they can trust. Adult sites are often tangled up with their processor’s loss prevention department. What’s even worse is some of the quick sign up services like PayPal and Stripe allow you to sign up and start accepting credit card payments right away, only to close your account once you actually start selling. All too often they will shut down and freeze your accounts because of an underwriting issue.

The “adult toy” product category is to often lumped in with illicit sales and services. It goes against the standard industry underwriting policies that dominate the “low-risk” standard e-commerce industry. Another part of the issue is that the adult product industry generally has a “high-risk” of chargebacks and returns. This isn’t a hard problem to solve though. Any legitimate adult toy website can get an appropriate merchant account from us, quickly and efficiently. Tower offers clear terms, fair rates and one on one support from a real human. We specialize in providing merchant accounts for high-risk product categories like adult toys and entertainment. We quickly help connect your WooCommerce site to a payment gateway like Authorize.Net, ePN, or NMI. When set up correctly, by our expert staff, all of these payment gateways word perfectly with WooCommerce.WordPress Woman Cartoon

Get your WooCommerce sex toy business started

Interested in credit card processing for your high-risk adult toy website? Contact Tower Payments for help. We specialize in providing WooCommerce website owners with merchant accounts that fit the specific needs of their business. You won’t worry about help funds or frozen accounts anymore.

We will set up your payment gateway, help connect it to WooCommerce, and get you charging cards ASAP.