Saving money on high-risk credit card processing for sex dolls.

Do you need an honest and fair credit card processor that helps you get the most out of every adult doll sale? Then we’re here to help you.

When selling any kind of adult products online, you almost always face the potentially daunting challenge of finding credit card processing that works – and is affordable. Most merchant service providers prohibit high-risk payments, but there is good news. Not only does Tower Payments specialize in high-risk processing, but most business owners who use our merchant services also find that we can cut their costs.

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Why processing fees are often high for adult doll sites

The main reason why credit card processing is more expensive for adult oriented businesses is that they’re classified as “high-risk”. This determination is made by credit card issuers and financial institutions based on a number of reasons, like age restrictions or chargeback rates.

When it comes to sex doll businesses, being considered high-risk is slightly more complex. Often, they are given a high-risk label because of their social connotations. While this is without doubt oversimplifying the situation, it remains true that more orthodox payment processors treat adult products with a greater degree of scrutiny. However, there are other factors at play as well.

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Two factors influencing costs when selling adult dolls

Selling sex dolls means that you’re selling an age-restricted product. This ultimately means that there are a number of local, state, and federal laws that quickly come into play when running an e-commerce business and shipping across state lines. As a consequence, processors need to evaluate the risks associated with processing payments for this type of product.

To make things even more complicated, sex dolls, by and large, are also high-ticket items. The number of sales is lower, with a higher cost per product sold. This inevitably shifts the variables further toward a higher risk of fraud.

It is this combination of restrictions and the nature of the products themselves that often result in higher credit card processing fees and overall costs.

Having said that, just because you’re selling a high-risk product doesn’t mean you have to settle for unnecessarily high processing fees and transaction costs. At Tower Payments, we’ve dedicated ourselves to getting the best processing possible for high-risk business owners like yourself – without it costing a thermoplastic elastomer arm and a leg.

How we can help you avoid excessive processing fees

Through our years of experience, we’ve found that the simplest and best way we can help high-risk business owners save money on credit card processing is by providing the best service possible. Through our principles of honest, affordable services with up-front terms, we’re able to ensure that you never settle for unnecessarily high fees for your adult doll sales. While everyone wants to keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible, it’s easy to underestimate just how much of a difference processing fees can make to a business. This is why we’d like to run a simple, practical example below.

Let’s say that an adult doll business owner is paying 2% more than necessary on processing fees. On top of that, he or she also pays 30 cents more than necessary per transaction. This includes small transactions like accessories, lubricants, and cleaners. It might not seem like much initially, but these cents and percentages could potentially add up to thousands of dollars a month, or tens of thousands a year.

Continuing our example, the sex doll website has decent traffic and has a good customer base. If they process $100,000.00 a month and pay 1.5% more on processing than they need to, that results in paying $1,500.00 a month unnecessarily! Since they’re selling adult dolls, there is a somewhat high barrier of entry, probably around $1,500 on average. This means that $100,000, divided by $1,500, results in between 66 and 67 transactions.

What about transaction fees?

What happens if they also pay $0.30 more than they must on each transaction? Then they actually pay $20.00 more in transaction fees on top of the $1,500.00 processing fee (much more if they also sell smaller priced items). In other words, they pay $1,520.00 more than necessary, each and every month. If that’s the case every month, we see that this unfortunate, hypothetical, high-risk adult toy company pays a staggering $18,240.00 a year – completely unnecessarily.

Those kinds of funds can make a huge difference for any business. All this hypothetical business owner needs is to get a better merchant services provider.

What we hope you got out of this example is that you should never simply settle for whatever works – especially if you find that you can save money on your processing through a different provider. Even though there aren’t as many high-risk merchant service providers as there are more standard credit card processors – there are still alternatives enough for you to choose.

You deserve fair, affordable processing that empowers you to grow your adult business.

Secondary merchant accounts for sex dolls: dip a silicone toe in the water

If you’re cautious and hesitant about changing out your high-risk credit card processing completely, then don’t worry. We have options. At Tower Payments, we have a solution that allows you to see for yourself how robust and reliable our processing is, and how much you’ll be able to save, without going all in.

Adding a second high-risk merchant account to run in tandem with your other account is not only doable – it’s quite simple. You can give our credit card processing a shot on a percentage of your business. As a result, you’ll easily be able to see the impact we can have on your bottom line.

There’s no reason to worry about extra admin and technical work. We’ll happily set everything up while making sure we only run certain products and transactions through your new merchant account. This way the bulk of the transactions run through your existing account. That being said, we encourage you to check that there aren’t any potential issues with this approach in your agreement with your current processor.

If you have any questions about this type of solution you can contact us anytime using the short form at the bottom of this page.

Save on transaction and processing fees for your adult toy site

At Tower Payments, we always provide clear, up-front, and honest terms. This way, we’re sure you’re getting credit card processing that’s easy to use, honest, and affordable.

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We don’t want to simply be just another processor. What we want is to be there for you and provide you with the help and support you need whenever you need it.

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