Cannabis equipment credit card processing for Shopify

Do you sell cannabis equipment, like hemp growing supplies, cannabis hydroponics, CBD extraction and filling equipment, or grow lights and climate controls on your Shopify site? Tower Payments would love the opportunity to provide your business with fair, honest credit card processing with upfront terms and transparent fees.

Tower Payments is here to help. We offer safe, reliable, and affordable credit card processing to industrial hemp and cannabis equipment Shopify stores.

You deserve more than simply a merchant service provider. We want to be a partner and a supporting player that’s in your corner – where you can talk to a real person, not a robot, whenever you need assistance or support.

We find that most of our clients save time, frustration, and money on our high-risk processing. If you’re ready to get more out of each transaction and would like your processing set up for you, contact us today.

If you’d like to know more about processing credit cards for cannabis equipment on Shopify, read below.Cannabis equipment and Shopify - Tower Payments Content Image

Why use Shopify for cannabis equipment sales

As a cannabis equipment business owner, you’re running a high-risk business. As such, there are fewer e-commerce platforms that are compatible with your business type. While Shopify isn’t compatible with high-risk e-commerce from the get-go, you can use it when you integrate it with the correct high-risk merchant account and payment gateway.

At Tower Payments, we have extensive experience integrating our credit card processing with many e-commerce platforms, carts, and software. Among these platforms, we’ve helped a large portion of our clients set up the high-risk credit card processing they need with Shopify. If you have any questions about accepting credit or debit cards for your cannabis equipment on Shopify – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

In addition to being high-risk compatible with the correct payment processing set-up, Shopify’s e-commerce capabilities and scalability make it a go-to for any ambitious and fast-growing business. In addition to offering strong branding features and excellent inventory management capabilities, it’s their e-commerce tools and 3rd party app integrations that make them stand out. Additionally, Shopify’s robust sales tracking and management systems set them apart.

If you’re ready to launch your cannabis equipment site through Shopify, please contact us here. We look forward to simplifying your life by giving you fair, honest, and affordable high-risk credit card processing.

What payment options are available to Shopify cannabis equipment sites

Shopify comes with a wide range of potential payment solutions. However, since you’re selling cannabis equipment, there are some limitations on what you can use safely and reliably.

For example, many who are new to high-risk e-commerce look for the fastest way to start accepting payments. However, once you’ve gotten started, it’s easy to “set it and forget it.” This can have serious consequences when you’re a high-risk merchant – especially if you’re set up to rely on payment aggregators like Stripe or PayPal solely.

Our processing experience with Shopify and high-risk businesses

For the sake of clarity, in our experience, cannabis equipment sellers are a poor fit with either PayPal or Stripe. However, we always encourage people to read their respective terms and conditions for themselves. This is because the consequences of breaking the T&C’s can be pretty serious, resulting in closed accounts or even frozen funds.

It’s far safer and more reliable to use high-risk merchant accounts and payment gateways. When you’re using high-risk payment processing, you have a merchant service provider that knows your business, performs an underwriting process, and gives you the tools you need for long-term sustainable growth.

If you’re ready to accept credit card payments for your cannabis products on Shopify, contact us here. We have vast experience integrating high-risk credit card processing with Shopify, and we know the cannabis equipment industry well.

Get the high-risk processing you deserve for your business

If there’s one misconception we hope to correct, it’s that you, as a high-risk business, have to settle for whatever credit card processing works. While it’s tougher to find suitable merchant services when you sell cannabis equipment, you do have options. There are credit card processors out there that not only will give you their services, and they’ll do so happily.

At Tower Payments, we’d love to offer you more than just fair and affordable credit card processing. We’ll give you clear, up-front terms, and you’ll always get a real person on the phone whenever you need it. We find that many of our clients save money when they go with our processing.

Are you ready to start accepting credit card payments through your Shopify cannabis equipment store? Contact us here or reach us using our contact form below.