Adult toy of the month processing and PrestaShop.

Would your adult toy of the month club benefit from honest and fair credit card processing that works seamlessly with PrestaShop? We can help. In terms of taking payments for membership sites, we provide stable, affordable processing for PrestaShop that allows for scalable, stable, high-risk e-commerce. Read more about our payment solutions that will work for your adult toy of the month membership site below.

Tower Payments’ processing for your toy of the month online club

Our specialized high-risk credit card processing solutions work for adult toy sales and toy of the month clubs. Not only does it work – it will help your toy membership site thrive. In our mind, the first step is to offer credit card processing that has both fair and honest pricing, with one-on-one support and easy to understand terms. With us in your corner, you’ll have a real person helping you – giving you the assistance and backing you deserve.

Adult toys are becoming much more openly accepted, and the demand for them online is growing. We’re also seeing an increase in subscription usage and “of the month” sites. We want to help you take advantage of this improving market by easily accepting monthly recurring credit card payments for your adult toy memberships. It’s our opinion that credit card processing shouldn’t stop you or slow you down from doing business. We also believe that credit card processing should be both affordable and easy. You can read more about us, our mission, and our approach to helping business owners with online payments, by clicking here.

Why PrestaShop is great for adult toy and membership processing

Built on an open-source platform

Being “open-source” gives PrestaShop more freedom to accept legal high-risk businesses that others might shy away from or restrict. This also makes it straightforward for you to use features and extensions easily. Additionally, it simplifies how you can integrate credit card processing that will work for your particular business type and expands the list of providers we can help you process cards with. In short, the fact that PrestaShop is built on an open-source foundation is great news for your “adult toy of the month” membership site’s payment processing. Need help accepting credit cards right away? Contact us here to get started. 

Excellent features and addons

While PrestaShop is free to download, many of the extensions and addons you might want to use will cost a little. That said, with the built-in benefits in mind, you’ll be able to save money on areas such as order management, daily operations, and SEO.

Let’s quickly run through some of the built-in features.

  • Analytics. Whereas many platforms and CMS’s come with extensions that allow you to delve into analytics, this is part and parcel of PrestaShop. It gives you a great leg up in understanding how people interact with your site. As a consequence, it’ll be easier to know how you can better improve and grow.
  • Customer management. The customer management aspect of PrestaShop will undoubtedly be one of the best out-of-the-box features for you. You’ll be able to easily set up a loyalty program. This will help entice and grow your online adult toy of the month club.
  • Third-party compatibility. Being able to use third-party addons is great; this ties back in with the fact that PrestaShop is open-source. This allows for more robust and compatible software that can help you add more functionality and features to your membership site.
  • Developer features. If you’re familiar with coding and web development, PrestaShop is a great choice. It offers some great developer features. This will allow you to take in-depth control over the style, function, and feel of your site.

Considering that PrestaShop is free, it’s certainly full of extremely valuable features. Combined with the various extensions you can add, you’ll have a great, functional, and sharp looking membership site in no time.

Recurring billing and adult toy sales – two sides of high-risk e-commerce

Selling adult toys online makes your business classified as high-risk in and of itself. However, what many site owners might not realize is that recurring billing is also a factor that makes a business qualify for high-risk classification.

To clarify, recurring billing means that customers are charged each month, without entering card info each time. While this is very convenient and many prefer this business model, it opens up processors to the risk of chargebacks. With this model, chances are that you will experience a higher chargeback ratio. This could be because some customers may dispute a credit card payment if they forgot they had subscribed. Another common issue is cancellation requests not being processed in time. It’s only natural that these elements occur at least to a small degree, yet it does make businesses using recurring billing high-risk.

At Tower Payments, we specialize in recurring billing credit card processing. Our processing services are expertly set up to take into account and handle these challenges. Due to our experience with both recurring billing and adult toy sales, we’re uniquely positioned to help you put a stress-free payment system in place.

Set up high-risk processing for your PrestaShop adult toy of the month club

If you’re planning on using, or are currently using, PrestaShop then we can help you accept debit and credit card payments for your adult toy membership site. Too many site owners who run online adult toy stores and similar membership sites have too hard a time finding good processing. That is what we’re here to fix. We want to make processing credit cards as easy and as fair as possible for you and your adult toy of the month club.

If you’d like to know more about our high-risk credit card processing and our standard red-carpet support service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here. We make processing payments simple for you by offering you clear, up-front terms with honest and fair pricing. There’s nothing complicated about it. Contact us today so we can help your adult toy of the month club with honest, affordable credit card processing.