Boonex Dolphin.Pro and high-risk credit card payments

At Tower Payments, we can offer you high-risk credit card processing that’s compatible with Boonex Dolphin.Pro membership sites. With our credit card processing solutions you’ll get simple terms with upfront pricing and no surprises. Being a high-risk merchant is hard enough, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible. This is why we always make sure to take the time to get to know you and your site so that we can integrate your credit card processing to perform brilliantly with your high-risk membership software. Learn more about what makes us different here.

Dolphin.Pro is a software suite for membership sites of all kinds. However, as a site owner, you want to take your site to the next level. With our credit card processing solutions we can make sure your high-risk membership site starts earning money effectively. Feel free to contact us today for a no-fee, no-commitment talk about how our solutions can work for you.

If you’re about to launch a membership site, or you’re a membership site owner but are unfamiliar with Boonex Dolphin.Pro, please read on.

Why Boonex Dolphin.Pro is popular with high-risk membership sites

Tower Payment social network software imageWhile many traditional low-risk sites use Dolphin.Pro, it’s also popular with sites who are on the higher-risk side of things. This includes social sites, which handle a vast amount of sensitive information. It can also be useful for dating sites and various adult-themed membership sites, including “meet and greet” and hook-up sites.

In other words, by using this software together with our credit card processing services, you’ll have an excellent foundation for your platform – allowing you to focus on growing your site and network!

Boonex Dolphin.Pro is currently used by over 300.000 sites and is the software platform of choice for many niche web communities. It’s understandable, seeing as they offer a completely white-label service that provides membership sites with strong brand consistency. This has an obvious benefit when promoting and ensuring the stable growth of your site. It’s also an open-source software and offers a great deal of customization.

Another great benefit of Dolphin.Pro is that it will provide you with fully responsive code that allows for great user experiences on mobile phones. Additionally, you’ll find that they offer excellent share and like functions, as well as great profiles and timelines.

However, possibly the greatest benefit of all is that it integrates with Authorize.Net, which is a high-risk compatible payment gateway. This allows us to incorporate your payment processing quickly and efficiently with high-risk credit card processing that works for your business. In short, it has all the bells and whistles you want from the software you’re going to use as the foundation of your high-risk membership site. By using their Authorize.Net integration, we can open up a world of affordable, and stable credit card processing for almost all merchant types, adult sites, and dating sites included.

How you can process credit cards using Dolphin.Pro for your membership site

As we touched upon earlier, Dolphin.Pro integrates very well with Authorize.Net, which is a fantastic payment gateway for high-risk sites (when correctly set up with high-risk credit card processing.) This sets Dolphin.Pro apart from many other software platforms. If you’re planning on using Authorize.Net, please get in touch. While Authorize.Net is a fantastic high-risk payment gateway, they won’t necessarily set up the back end processing that is ideal for your product types.

At Tower Payments, we will make sure the back end credit card processing is set up correctly for your high-risk business type. This will make it easy for you to use Authorize.Net and accept payments using the Dolphin.Pro software for your platform, often saving you money in the process.

Finding excellent credit card processing for high-risk membership sites is difficult in the first place. Being able to integrate credit card processing services with the site through a suitable payment gateway can become even harder. With Dolphin.Pro, you won’t need to worry about finding a way to integrate your credit card processing. Authorize.Net solves that problem for you. This is one of the reasons we highly recommend using Dolphin.Pro. Our credit card processing solutions work brilliantly with Authorize.Net, and by extension, with Dolphin.Pro.

If you’re looking for a credit card processing provider that goes the extra mile by supporting you whenever you need it, at excellent rates with honest terms, then get in touch. You can reach us here or by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Get the credit card processing you need for your high-risk site today

Among the many issues high-risk subscription and membership sites face is chargebacks and friendly fraud issues. This is particularly true for certain niche networks. This ultimately means that few payment processors are well equipped to service your business. However, at Tower Payments, we have years of experience helping a wide range of high-risk site owners with high-risk credit card processing. We can manage the entire process for you. We’ll set you up correctly, with the appropriate processor, and help you step-by-step to integrate your processing into the Dolphin.Pro software.

We always provide you with an upfront view of fees with honest pricing and excellent service. This means that you’ll always get the assistance you need – when you need it! Contact us, and we can have a no-obligation talk about the needs of your membership site. If you’re ready, we can start setting you up with the credit card processing you need and want today.