Headshop credit card processing on Wix

Are you looking for affordable, fair credit card processing for your Wix headshop? Tower Payments offers online headshop credit card processing with clear, up-front terms and one-on-one support for as long as you’re accepting credit card payments. We’re always happy to help.

If you have any questions or want to start accepting payments online for your headshop products, you can always contact us here.

Just because your products are in a “high-risk” category doesn’t mean you have to settle for something that only “works ok” and then deal with paying unnecessarily high credit card fees and transaction charges. You’re running a legal business in a new, exciting market, and you deserve the same help and support any other business gets- even if you built your site on Wix.

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At Tower Payments, we aim to be more than a simple high-risk merchant services provider. We always make sure you have the support you need from a real person when you need it. We’re there from day one to make your life easier. We’ll integrate the high-risk-friendly credit card processing your headshop needs into your Wix store. We’ll run tests to make sure all the cogs in the machine run smoothly. Not to mention, we always offer up-front terms that are easy to understand.

If you’re ready to accept credit cards for your headshop products, like functional glass pipes, bongs, or stash boxes, while still using your existing Wix website – contact us today.

Are you just doing some research? Then, please read below for more information on headshop-friendly, Wix-compatible credit card processing.

Headshops credit card processing used to be tough!

We don’t need to go too far back in time to realize just how tough it was for many glass-pipe, hookah, grinder, stash box, and bong sellers to find a way to accept credit card payments for their products. If you check support forums, you can practically feel the frustration as some were even talking about setting up non-high-risk-friendly merchant accounts and payment gateways, like Stripe or PayPal, just to get their business off the ground.

We can’t stress enough how unreliable, and potentially dangerous using a non-high-risk provider is for you and your business. The pitfalls include closed accounts, frozen funds, and sudden inability to accept orders at all—a horrible place for any business to find itself.

The good news is that accepting payments for headshop products is far easier than it used to be. With a high-risk-friendly merchant account and payment gateway, you’re fully able to accept payments online sustainably and reliably for your products. But, unfortunately, even though it’s easier to take payments now, many headshop store owners lack the payment processing knowledge to know what to look for. We can’t blame them, though. You set out to sell hookahs, bongs, pipes, and assorted smoking paraphernalia – not to learn the nitty-gritty of payment processing.

The important thing for you to know is that you’re selling “high-risk” products. So let’s take a look at what this means.

Online headshops sell high-risk products, and you need high-risk processing

While there are different reasons why headshop stores are categorized as high-risk by financial institutions and credit card companies, the consequence remains the same. As a high-risk e-commerce site owner, you need to seek out and find a high-risk merchant service provider and get payment gateways/merchant accounts that are tailored to your product type.

In other words, you want to make sure you’re set up with a high-risk-friendly merchant account and payment gateway. This allows you to accept payments safely and reliably – it’s the long-term solution to many headshop owners’ payment problems.

At Tower Payments, we’re more than happy to set you up with the headshop-friendly payment processing you need to sell headshop products on Wix without problems and excessive fees. So – are you ready to start processing payments for your headshop products? Then contact us here.

Authorize.Net can be the payment gateway for your Wix headshop

You may have read that Wix no longer supports Authorize.Net as a payment gateway. That’s only half true. Although they no longer actively support it, with the correct advice and an inexpensive piece of 3rd party software, you can integrate Wix with Authorize.Net and process credit card payments for headshop items online.

Many of our clients ask us to set them up with an Authorize.Net payment gateway. Yes, you can Google it and set one up yourself. However, you should know that all Authorize.Net accounts aren’t all the same. First, you need to make sure you’re signing up for a high-risk account. Then you need to integrate it correctly with your payment gateway and connect it to the back-end of your Wix store.

An Authorize.Net account, set up directly with low-risk standard processing, is no more stable than PayPal or Stripe for an Internet headshop. Additionally, your credit card processing will not function without the knowledge required to integrate Authorize.Net with Wix. You need a high-risk Authorize.Net merchant account and a way to connect it with Wix, and we can help.

Let us take care of the entire process. We will recommend and assist with every piece of the puzzle and have you ready to accept credit card payments in no time. You can contact us here or at the bottom of this page.

Get the affordable credit card processing you deserve

At Tower Payments, we have extensive experience helping headshop site owners process credit cards using a wide range of shopping carts and platforms – including Wix. We know your product, your business, and how to best set up headshop-friendly payment processing.  As a bonus, we’ve found that often, our clients actually save money with our processing.

Are you ready to start accepting payments for your assorted bongs, hookahs, glassware, and assorted smoking accessories on Wix? Use our contact form below!