Process Credit Cards on Your BigCommerce Sex Toy Site

Are you looking for a way to process credit cards for sex toys through your BigCommerce site? We’re here to help!

There’s always a demand for quality adult toys. Not to mention that there are so many fantastic products out there – from top-selling magic wands to innovative silicone masterpieces.

Sex toys are a centuries-old, well-established industry, but new internet entrepreneurs and business owners still have significant challenges to overcome. Many find it especially tricky to find an online sex-toy-friendly credit card processor and website builder that allows them to create a beautiful website and sell adult products without too much hassle or expense.

What’s crucial for site owners like you is having a website that makes it possible to set up high-risk processing for selling adult toys. Over the years we’ve helped a number of adult toy website owners set up their payment processing and start accepting credit and debit cards on their site. One of the more popular choices in site-builder we’ve seen over that time is BigCommerce. This isn’t too surprising, as BigCommerce is compatible with Tower Payments’ credit card processing and boasts a range of benefits.

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We are dedicated to making credit card processing as easy as possible for high-risk e-commerce entrepreneurs and site owners. This is why, with Tower Payments, you’ll always get fair and honest pricing with upfront terms, as well as one-on-one support from a real person.

Start processing credit card payments for your adult toys on BigCommerce today. Simply contact us here, and put us to work for you!

What makes BigCommerce a great option for adult toy e-commerce

For sex toy e-commerce website owners, BigCommerce has some very clear benefits. Among them is that you can set up many different stores within BigCommerce that can be managed individually.

In other words, you can sell different adult-oriented product types and funnel and manage them from one place. This makes it possible, for example, to easily sell lingerie, toys, gadgets, and more from your BigCommerce store.

However, there’s more to BigCommerce that makes it a favorite among high-risk site owners. We’ll cover some of these below.

Quick set-up and beautiful themes to customize

One big draw of BigCommerce for entrepreneurs and new adult toy site owners is how quickly you can go from conceptualizing and creating your online store to completing it.

Users can quickly customize and improve their stores using a wide range of templates and themes. You’ll be able to start accepting credit cards quickly, on a platform that’s agile, flexible, and efficient.

BigCommerce gives its users all the features and capabilities you’d expect from an e-commerce platform and site-builder. However, the biggest benefit of BigCommerce for those selling high-risk products is their third-party payment processing compatibility, which we’ll discuss below.

High-risk processing made possible for BigCommerce

A great aspect of BigCommerce for sex toy site owners is, of course, that it’s possible to accept payments for adult products. Before we dive in, we want to quickly cover some common questions.

Is BigCommerce high-risk compatible?

Yes, BigCommerce is high-risk compatible. However, it needs to be set up correctly, integrating high-risk credit card processing on the back end.

Do I need a special payment gateway for selling adult toys on BigCommerce?

Yes, a specialized gateway is necessary. Authorize.Net and NMI are both excellent options that work with BigCommerce if set up correctly.

Can I start selling my adult toy products on BigCommerce immediately?

No, you need to have high-risk credit card processing set up first. Otherwise, you might find you’re in breach of the Terms and Conditions of the payment options BigCommerce offers when signing up.

If you need high-risk credit card processing for your BigCommerce sex toy site, contact us today. We look forward to making it easy for you to accept payments.

Why sex toy sales require high-risk credit card processing

Unless you’ve been selling age-restricted products, like sex toys or other adult products, for a while, you might not realize that you need specialized credit card processing.

The reason for this is that credit card and financial institutions categorize the sale of adult products (like sex toys and other erotica) as “high-risk.”

We won’t go too much into the reasoning behind this here, but we do want to stress two things. One, running a high-risk business means you need specialized payment processing. Two, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for poor service or unnecessarily expensive credit card processing.

At Tower Payments, we provide site owners like you with a combination of personal support. We’re always available when you need it, with fair, honest pricing. In fact, many find they can save money on processing with us. If you’re ready to start accepting credit and debit cards for your adult products while using BigCommerce, you can contact us here.

Start processing credit cards for your BigCommerce sex toy sales

You deserve credit card processing at honest, fair rates that doesn’t have unnecessarily high fees. With us, you’ll be able to accept payments online for adult toys and more through your BigCommerce site in no time.

Using our experience with integrating our processing with a wide variety of e-commerce software and platforms, we’ll make sure that every aspect of your processing is set up right from day one. In short, we’ll make your BigCommerce online adult toy store ready to welcome your customers without payment issues from the start.

Simply contact us here to start processing credit cards for your sex toy sales!