compatible high-risk credit card processing
We provide quality, high-risk credit card processing for businesses using the CIM. We focus on clear terms, fair rates and one on one support. As a top-tier CIM, the platform attracts an experienced complex merchant base, and with it, higher expectations in terms of merchant accounts. With our years of experience and vast knowledge, we help experienced merchants and start-ups alike with credit card processing solutions that fit all their needs. is an excellent e-commerce platform for complex high-risk product and services but your CIM is only part of the puzzle. To succeed you need reliable, stable, fair credit card processing. We can help.

Why is ideal for high-risk merchants? is an e-commerce and complete CIM platform that enables merchants to manage their online store and marketing campaigns with the robust back-end analytics and risk management processes that they have in place. Among other niches, the CIM caters to subscription-based e-commerce businesses. It also offers a WordPress plugin – Storefront, built to create and improve the front-end of an online store. High-risk merchants particularly benefit from chargeback alerts and representing service that reduces the risk and cost of chargebacks. The platform pulls together all relevant information from the business’ CIM account. This gives you instantaneous insight with the correct paperwork. Allowing you, as a high-risk merchant, to easily dispute or prevent a chargeback, saving time and money.

Get help with credit card processing for your site

We can help you with your straight sale or subscription e-commerce business with easily integrated high-risk credit card processing for your CIM. Whether you are selling nutra-supplements, SaaS software, or timeshare negotiating services we will provide fair rates, one on one support and clear, upfront terms. If you are using for your CIM and need high-risk credit card processing, contact us today.